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Subj: Meteor's admittedly lazy review of the mid season premiere.
Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 at 08:41:07 am EST (Viewed 1130 times)

Ok nothing much happened. Carl milks his death like a bitch the whole episode talking in an annoying whisper voice instead of just dying. Some kid whose name I don't know who was the brother or the son of some other guy whose name I don't know that died a while back impales some other guy whose name I also don't know. I missed the first 30 minutes. The flash forwards are just Carl's dream of a future I think (hard to understand his annoying whispher voice) and Rick vows to make that world a reality (barf).

To me the show's gotten so bad the only character left I even remotely like is Negan's flunky with the mustache (oh and Ezekiel with his booming voice).

They invited Carl to the Talking Dead so I guess there are no feelings with them firing the actor after he just bought a house. But that said I've kind of disliked Carl ever since he got Dale killed by not staying in the house. A lot of the deaths on the show stems from Carl not staying in the damn house like he's supposed to. I didn't see Andrew Lincoln say goodbye to Carl on the Talking Dead even though every one else seemed to...I guess he didn't like the kid.

(edit: catching up on the beginning of the episode that I missed...that song in the first few minutes of the episode should be used to torture prisoners at black site prisons...that was downright stressful to listen to)