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Subj: Hoiw shoudlk they end Rick Grimes saga now?
Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 at 10:57:00 am EDT (Viewed 1114 times)

Just curious how all of you are looking forward to his saga ending in 2 mnore shows now...

I really do NOT want to see Rick turned to Zombie, or to have his head placed on a spike, or body on a fence...

My ideal end plots would be either he gets to die of old age in bed, and when dead, our last scene woudl be him and Carl meeting up on the highway to heaven road, starting to walk and to meet lost loved ones now...


Have something bad happen to Michon and his daughter, or maybe just one of them, and have him and the other person ride oof on thta sweet horse of his


That we have him tagged as an "A" person, and see him carried off by thtar strange helicopter crew to aprts unknown!