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Subj: How should DC comics and particularly Wonder Woman treat Hercules?
Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2021 at 11:41:08 pm EDT (Viewed 133 times)

To most of the world Hercules is one of the greatest heros in mythology. Yet DC has typically not depcited him as one. There are anywhere from five to seven versions of Hercules depending on how one wants to about them. They typically act as dumb brutes and servie as foils from Superman and Wonder Woman. They range from dark antiheroes at best if not outright villain. Some of the more minor recent versions have been more heroic, but not much.

What way should DC comics depict Hercules? Should he still be used as an outdated symbol of toxic masculinity to better contrast Wonder Woman? A highly flawed man who was admirable for his time? An outright piece of crap? something else?