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Subj: Dark Reign The List: X-Men #1 PBP...
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Poor bit player...

Dark Reign The List: X-Men #1

PBP if you read it...

Okay. Except the Dazzler part.

Poor. Also, JUST found out Utopia is Mag's Asteroid and when/how the heck was it revealed that it was raised up? Plus, didnt Cloak&Dagger also hightail when Emma and Namor turned?

Poor Marrina! \:\( They mightve just as well mutated her into a bum steer with the deal they dealt her to get out of limbo. Who the heck had her captured prior to HAMMER genetically messing with her. Certainly Osborn is becoming a regular Mr Green Genes with this latest WMD project. Interesting POV of the writer concerning Ms Hand considering the readers have so little info on her.

Norman is shown to be selectively smart when it comes to Atlanteans but readers dont get a fair update on their status. Some in Latveria, main city destroyed, reprecussions from Green Goblin arc in CWFronLine mini, Sentry's recently ordered massacre of them, Namor's arrangements via the Cabal still in effect or now moot. etc.

Two pages to terrify with the fancy genesplicing results.

What the?? Was very confused by the narration text on this page. Who is doin'what to who now and where exactly? Also more details with the cameo wouldve been a nicer treat. Hey, is that Hepzibah? Almost better than nothing for her facetime since ditchin' the 'Jammers. And remind me what happened with Erg in X-factor last? And is that likely Caliban on his left?

Liked this sequence. Thought it odd that Namor would bring his problem to the mutants table but it goes on to show that he is conflicted ATM. Also starting to like the look of Emma trapped in this form(for awhile) if only for emphasizing her White Queen code name - maybe the Void link helps explain the alabaster compared to the past silvery/transparent crystal look.

EEP. Better pack your bags Kurt. Thats a high-end showing for the girls.

For an indulgent poser page, its too bad it wasnt until the IDbox pages later that Surge was made clear.

Another poser page but Namor gets a decent oneliner. [Guess he annulled his own marriage on the spot. ;\) ]

Okay, if Scott is a master strategist, Psylocke and Iceman will now be on the same team always.

Still liking the IDboxes - except Angel's felt off. Not sure the point of the fastball other than story mandate. Was if a failed first strike? Enrage Poor Marrina! \:\( to buck off Surge or possibly dive before Kurt tries to pull his limited weight.

Okay heroes kill monsters. But in this case must assume the team weighed other options and AT LEAST repeat here: Poor Marrina! \:\(

Wow that is one heavy load for Namor in more ways than one. That cracking a smile was so misplaced.

That flashback panel w/placement brought a lump to my throat. Not to mention the implication of what he was going to do to Poor Marrina! \:\( [Though it misdirection deep down (pun realized) but the epilogue says otherwise! Took solace in the fact that Huh, Aquaman telepathy - not downplayed this time.

Face off. Good and bad. Okay, Namor posturing was in character but the story feels like a lie here. Norman wants Namor as per the PrevPage and PAGE 2! His best WMD is standing right there in a blue cape. C'mon this feels more like an annoying decompressing plot device.

Found this poser endpage less meaningful a selfcontained conclusion than was probably intended. Maybe it wouldve been better if Namor just explained to Scott that his people would find their own way back thru the ocean. Or explain how he thought it best not to simply teleport Poor Marrina! \:\( instead.

p-Rest of the pages with a Logan reprint backup hadnt read before:
Nice to see the pre-Xforce version with fun story & art. Worth the bonus 'cuz it was new to me but not sure this non-DR tales is worth forcing on the readers to justify the buck.

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