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Subj: Is Meggan At Full Potential Really Near Omnipotent?
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 01:18:32 am EST (Viewed 207 times)

I once read a list of Marvel's power rankings, and it listed Meggan at full power, or at full potential very high up on the list. From everything that I've read with Meggan in it (And that's not that much really.), she can certainly be powerful (She went toe to toe with the Juggernaut in Excalibur #3.), but she's nowhere near the likes of Jamie Braddock, X-Man, Franklin Richards, or Exodus. So, were there particular issues that highlighted Meggan's full potential, or showed her at full power? How powerful is she, next to Legion,Selene, or the Shadow King?If anyone could provide issue numbers or scans, that would be appreciated. Thanks.