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Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 05:30:47 am EST (Viewed 287 times)

What everyone think of this issue ?
I did not so like, between drawings, and story...

Once again another person than ILLYANA can hold her sword.

I would have liked a better confrontation with the HELLIONS (That we are not certain to see again)
I do not absolutely recognize CATSEYE, she's bad draw, and out of the character.

Strange as well that SUNSPOT and DANI did not cross WOLFSBANE by bringing MAGMA to see NEMESIS in the same place where she was...

If it is also easy to return DOUG, I would like that WARLOCK takes ILLYANA's soulsword and fights against the HELLIONS, RUSTY, BOLT, DARKSTAR, FERAL, CALIBAN, BANSHEE, RISQUE and everything others than I would like to see again...