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Hans Goodman

Subj: Bishop/Cable
Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 at 01:19:49 am CST (Viewed 27 times)

ok so now bishop has a bionic eye? who implanted it, and how does this work?

i've never been much of a bishop fan, but i swear marvel has never assassinated a character faster and more irreparably than they've done here. they might have made "bigger" errors by messing with more important characters (one more day comes to mind), but all things being equal has marvel ever done anything so pointlessly stupid with a character?

maybe i'm beating a dead horse here, but does anyone think there's something redeeming about the direction they've taken with bishop?

i know we're not supposed to bash creators here, but what about editors? is there a nice way to ask who thought this was a good idea on any level??

i love you guys. happy new year.