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Subj: Nation X #1...
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So is this title going to be like a LSH-like title with mostly down time stories?


Good cover EXCEPT that does NOT look like Logan, Namor does not do lazy beards, Rogue typo herself Rouge with all that lipstick and makeup, and MU Beast looks more like Disney Beast.

x-Prev Page would one benefit to criticize this layout anymore in hope of change?

Story 1:
PSI-SWEEPS were clear - will hold you to that in the future, Emma [but expect you to get tired of sweeping for some future story]. BTW, JAY DAVID RAMOS did an awesome job on diamond form White Queen!

Moonlighting as a country leader just isnt cutting it logically for a full time adventuring X-men at this stage.

Unexplored island tunnels? Oh, like we never saw that one coming. \:\) Also IIRC, trying to find the panel of an issue in the last two months where it is specifically stated [by Cyke?] that the island was submerged for [5?] years? Anyone know the ish offhand??

Scaring the kids was a cute lesson learning scene. Cant help to think that Doc Samson would have a field day with this guy scaring kids who was that scared kid, Max, in the MAX mini origin.

Poor Rockslide has yet to had any consistent coolness he had in defunct New X-men.

Yeah, a private collection of Sentinels, THAT'LL get Magneto a vote of confidence when Scott finds out - and he SHOULD find out after this ish.

Has Anole cursed before?

So, Mercury just stumbled into a generic trap when she set off the self destruct, right? "MY FEET WERE IN MY BRAIN." Geez, that could warp someone... how many times has Venom said that? ;\)

Sooooo, Magneto is goody two shoes for now. On the fence about this take. Very nicely worked ending though.

Story 2:
Mr.Macguffin - nice name/guy but for someone sympathetic to their cause - calling the mutants to personally hand the money on 'enemy' USA soil wasnt very kind.

Logan driving a semi - nice image but thats what they 'gots' teleporters for! Sheesh.

Uhhh, the outside stalls were free.

The answer is DOMINO. You are sure to get lucky! ;\)

Jackelope, right? Some movie sight gag homage?

Right or wrong with the character directions it was an overdue and nicely done, olde school Logan/Elf talk.

BTW, has Kurt ever dealt with Puppet Master?

Story 3:
Who is Alien-out-of-the-mouth-instead-of-the-stomach Girl and Armor-all Boy?

Storm can provide freshwater to name another.

"*PFFT*" Yuck, that panel Bobby shows he may be related to Jimmy Durante.

Also, he shows he might be related to Punisher by his inducing hypothermia tactics - as opposed to simple icecasing.

Wow, that was more story in 2 pages than some whole issues had last week.

Story 4:
Who sits to left of Namor?

Pleeease dump that costume, Alison.

Oh no! Are they gonna do a Wally West the fast food junkie metabolism thing now? Hope not. Save it for Cho.

What story was STINGER in previously?

Maybe Namor has the hots for DC's Dolphin - cant blame him. [And she may be as dead as Marinna is.]

"BRAIN FROZEN SOLID" a 'cool' tactic thought by hardcore Bobby. Liked his comments on the original Xmen too. The possibility of a relationship with Wendy Sherman is good. And his final comment on the fate of mutantkind packed a punch to wrap it up.

Best Iceman story in some time. Best story of the issue.

Story 5:
FANTASTIC Russian saying to incorporate into this story. It really is one, eh? So neat, if so.

NEODYMIUM. Is this an introduction. Maybe USAgents new shield could be made of this!

Remnant magnetism?

Illyana is such a rotten snot here. (Probably in character though after her last mini.)

WHO IS THE RED HAIRED BABE with the X-cap??????

An ground breaking adventure with the X-Gardeners for us to dig... *sarcasm off* Or is it a multi-page origin of the SNOWFLAKE... *okay, sarcasm off now*

Busty who? ...Oh, never mind its the Collins kid.

Still mopey Piotr but still, a she's 'snot' I's tells ya.

Disappointed they only used scribble names.

Uh, looks like Beast [or Brand] dont wanna cheer the big lug up with confirmation that Kitty is alive as revealed in SWORD!

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