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Subj: X-Men Second Coming Preview PBP and banner submission...
Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 at 02:30:25 pm EST (Viewed 280 times)

X-Men Second Coming #1


cvr 1 stylish
cvr 2 bannerworthy

00 Y'think if they respected the Xavier Dream they wouldve cleaned up the outward appearance at some point. ;\)
01 Kinda neat Osborn had it cordonned off at some point.
02 Probably popping in right after Cable 24 and 2 days before X-Men Second Coming Prepare. Thats 1 year after M-Day for the 616 and 16or17 years for Cable and Hope since being present.
03 This is gonna be niiice art. What the heck is Cable looking at?
04 Theres Hope looking at the First Class and it brings a tear to her eye. Clue that she is in some way connected to Jean and/or Phoenix? Also, if her REAL identity proves to be a significant name then the pet peeve of readers not knowing will grow proportionately to the amount of time it takes to find out.
05 Ooooh, its the smelly smileyface Right Guards or whatever. Where were they last seen again?
06 It must be really easy to build/move Cerebra as this is her 3rd location in one year. Wonder whats the thing with the Xmen 200 cover...
07 There better be notable script with this page.
08 Liking Vanisher more and more. Who is behind him? Namor is sticking around. Everyone is packing dufflebags for something? Clue to who Wolverine's 'freind' who dies is with those present in this pic? [Though a New Mutant would be a good bet too. And Piotr will apparently have time to spend on new look so it cant be him. ;\) ]
09 Yeah, like theyre going to kill him after Bishop tried non-stop for all those years. Still looks like cool gunfight.
10 Cyke motivating Kurt? Good, theyre smartly using teleporting instead of flying it seems.
11 Okay, Warren changes back from Archangel seems odd. The teleport disc in the centre like that seems odd movement physics. This is an Xmen kill who you want free for all -blah. Is that a Hellfire goon driving?
12 Ooooh, uh great, Nimrod is involved. Just when we got rid of timetravellingtrouble that is Bishop.
13 Generic poser page that may be included in the price. Looks like Hope was born with another gene - the superheroine supermodel gene. Makes sense seeing as how she practically starved herself to death all those years.

X-Men: The Road to Second Coming
X-Men: The Days of Second Coming

    Did You Know: Originally, it was written that Cyclops's optic blasts were powered by solar energy he absorbed into his body. More recent stories state his eyes actually contain small apertures that channel destructive energies from another dimension.

What issue was this retcon??!


Is that Rogue(w/like 3 different costumes in these 2 specials if so) in the hug?

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