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Subj: Wolverine and Vampjube #4...
Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 at 12:06:23 pm CDT (Viewed 324 times)

Wolverine and Jubilee #4

Found it very confusing and ultimately unsatisfying even though there were bits of promise... and Rockslide... to help it along.

Figures were drawn well enough but the terrible choreography and easyout backgrounds did NOT help at all. The tile work on the floor behind Emma decreased that property value.

So, she is a 'special' vampire - we knew that. Still unclear whether Vampjube is actually a true Marvel Vampire which makes more sense or a transformed Jubilation Lee with new powers and special needs that make her virtually a vampire. The decent narration arguably only suggests the latter. Thought the point of the series was to clear that up. At least, even with its displeasing direction, the last Captain Marvel mini cleared up his bio/skrull status clearly.

Wolverines audio contact and easy portal access was bearable under the "Magic. You Don't Have To Explain It." Category. Still cannot appreciate how the key he flat-out lucked upon appears different than Rockslide used. This allowed for their banter that kept the story flowing.

Speaking of Rockslide, things pick up when he shows up and gives the story some smiles. Of course he missed a perfect segue a few pages earlier when Vampjube mentions him. Then he doesnt clear up the laundromat mystery or question the Laundry Dragon's claim checking incompetence(in#3). Unfortunately had to file his portal access with Wolverine's. What Santo does do right, is bring an fun dynamic with Vampjube. First it was X-Dude Anole and now Vampjube - this guy needs an agent! Hey, maybe Roman Nekoboh - a team up with Dazzler may put her back in good graces.

So, there is a flight(?)/clan(?)/weyr(?) of pawnbroker dragons that work extra-dimensionally in the MU. Uhm, okay. And they include vampires in their clientel. Uh, sure. The leader is a BIG one and lives at the home depot. Whatever. HATED the fight sequence - save Santo's sayings. And the result of Vampjube's actions has dubious extra-dimensional factors to give her anything but a symbolic slaying showing.

Enjoyed the Emma/Logan wrap up conversation. Except the casual dismissal of the Vampire Slavetrader that got away and Logan telling Emma the X-men are not the FBI. Hello? X-Brig?

Wanted to enjoy the Vampjube/Rockslide wrap up conversation. Except in the final panel, Vampjube implies she is still hot, as a vampire can be, for Logan and then babbles on about some Planck time to her (presumed) lifespan to end the mini awkwardly. Maaaybe if she had worded it in the form of a Jeopardy parody, to bookmark ish 1, then it would have felt right.

Is this the standard gestation period for dragons in most mediums?

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