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Subj: Vamp-Jube in the sun - continuation with Black Guardian.
Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 at 12:15:41 pm EDT (Viewed 304 times)

I feel like it might be time to modernize these boards... A switch to the latest version of PHPbb message board software ( it's free and open source) would do this place good. Then conversations and threads wouldn't be buried, they would instead bounce right back to the front-page again. ^^

Aaanyways... back on topic.
"Most of the medallions were destroyed, and Jubilee doesn't have one anymore."

Are you certain? I don't recall seeing this mentioned anywhere, except stuff like where Northstar stole medallions off of vamps, and then Dazzler incinerates them.

In her last appearance as a full-blown vamp under Xarus control, lying on the floor after a beating, when the X-men burst in, she clearly still has her medallion.

Add to that, the light in her cell on Utopia looked very similar to daylight in the first VampU-Wolvie issue. Doesn't seem impossible that Dr Nemesis analyzed the medallions and created the habitat in her cell by determining how it works, and precisely which wave-lengths are non-harmful to vamps.

She's also seen standing and having a look at the sunset, which I think technically shouldn't actually be very fun if you're Vamp.

Of course, the no-prize for you, is that the UV-rads are simply to low to be dangerous after a certain time-stamp during sunset...

I suppose I've also got some confusion stemming from the tesseract-access medallion that VampU got from the female vamp. At first it wasn't clear what it was for, since Rockslide destroyed it in the first issue, leading me to think it was a day-walk medallion.

On the other hand, even more confusion ensues from issue #3, when the packaged box Wolvie opens up, that appears to be the actual tesseract's visible dimensions, spurts out more medallions, to boot.

Is the female vamp after more day-walk medallions..? Is she involved in a smuggling-ring for such medallions, now a hot comodity among vamps..?

Eh, you seem to have some points, but there's still a possibility for me to be at the very least slightly right, and I'll keep holding on to it, until I can get my hands on the last issue.