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Subj: X-23 #9: Okay...
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 at 11:27:14 am EDT (Viewed 296 times)

Okay - another consecutive review for ya. This ish was - okay. Ditto the cover...

X-23 #9

Three out of four chapters done and the big anticipated smackdown 'tween the Logan Progenies ain't gonna happed beyond that pushing match off the roof.

Colcord dialogue with Laura was believable for a good villain and the set uphad some intensity. The stiched up cheek looked cool too.

Then a we hit a brick wall all of a sudden as Remy and Tyger get all loveydovey and advance the story nada. It does imply that Gambit seemed quite impotent to the bad guys who left him for Tyger to scoop up in the street - unless Tyger made an interesting deal that we get no sense of here anyways.

Daken then takes his SLOW paced characterization from his book over to here and talks and talks to Colcord about the Weapon X program but not sayig much. He may or may not be in favor of it restarting. He may or may not be impressed by the records of X-23. [Hmmm, wonder if she is comparitively a more reputable assassin than Elektra was in her prime? Not that it matters here - just waiting for the next scene...]

Some hooded woman procuring the Trigger Scent from Joe Lackey to make X-23 berserk. Probably X-perts can guess who but not me - unless Tyger made an interesting deal that we get no sense of here anyways.

Here we go: The bloody gruesome torture. Poor Laura for having more of the same in her origins. Colcord is despicable x 10. This explicit graphics seemed much more effective and appropriate than a random X-Force bloodbath thrown in the story. The problem with the scene seemed the way Daken cut? weakened? her bonds so unaware to everyone - including Laura. Why did it take her so long to get out?! Her narrative worked well.

More Daken/X23 fraternizing instead of fighting. sigh. More insinuation that Daken has hidden agendas inside hidden agendas inside onion peels. sigh. [Laura does get in a good Romulus burn though.]

Back to hooded lady and Joe Stupid concluding their business.

Finish with a slow 3 page sighbuilding climax to but promise of a sniktfest finale vs a horde of test rejects.

Do you think it will all wrap up - okay?

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