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Subj: Deadpool/X men/Uncanny X force
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 at 09:17:32 pm EDT (Viewed 210 times)

Currently, I dont like Deadpool.
I used to during Joe Kelly's writing and Nicieza's , well pretty much in that series.
But I havent liked him ever since marvel began shoving him in our faces.
I am sure many X fans agree, huh?
( wow, I guess this is not a good way to begin )
But my question does involve Mr Wilson.

so, hes on the new X force. I dont read the new X force, did #1, explain how and why he was chosen for this? I read second coming, and it had a preview of Uncanny X force with Deadpool and the others, but he wasnt in the SC Story.

I just read Deadpool #15 from a couple years ago, it took place during Dark Reign. and at the end of that issue, Deadpool get the brilliant revelation that he should join the Xmen, my question is did this lead into X Force, where did he ( and the audience) go from there?

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