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Subj: Uncanny X-Men 536...
Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 03:31:08 pm EDT (Viewed 352 times)

No one for 535, eh? Oookay then - jots after...

Uncanny X-Men 536

-cover was okay if you like an action one that does nothing but foreshadow the next issue. Also if you are informed enough to imagine the UNCANNY scratched out and ASTONISHING overwrittern there

-loved the PrevPage... LAST ISSUE! Here is felt completely redundant save single sentence switch

-servicable title page but again, a redundancy of page 11 last issue takes away any awe

-appreciate picking up on the SWORD danglers, a Sydren cameo,

-liked meeting HALEEN and the limited Klingon-esque thesarus for alien translations though some of KRUUN's dialogue felt a little earth-slangy. The refugee plotline has potential

-hmmm, has Syrden and Emma ever compared psychic skills sets...

-forgot Hellion could fly. (And that he stuck around after that blow out with Scott for that matter.) Wonder who that other cameo flyer is besides Pixie?

-What ship is that on Utopia's landing pad, or is that lily pad? It must be a transport from the Breakworldship? And are those lily pads hovering? Remind me where the Blackbird launches from again?

-well, at least Mags gets some respect for being allowed to attend the meeting to for the fate of these illegal aliens on earth apparently decided by King Cyke alone. Well, at least he is holding the human race to a better standard than the 'evil' aliens culture Earthers destroyed... wait a minute! What about the scattered skrull scum? They might call him hypocrit...

-seeing a day in the lives of the disheveled foreigners is told in maudlin fashion but creates an empathy for them. Plus Kitty and Piotr practically holding lovers hands for the looong tour probably is treat for fans of the couple

-not crazy about Peters savagewear. Thats 2 issues in a row, he's borrowed from Bruce Banner, a crappy tops that disappear when hulking out. Probably a treat for the fans who dont like Emma skin

-funny bit about Madison calling him Mags; who would be dumb enough to call him... oh right, nevermind

-Magneto discussing the bulletmetal with Kruun was somewhat interesting/informative. So, that means Kitty let some slip past when she phased it thru the Earth and nobody really cared until now

-Kruun lost the name POWERLORD, my suggestion for a new codename: DRUGMULE ;\)

-Magneto gets PAWNED! With a captial P

-finally a new quotation about 'getting one's revenge' that mocks the universally accepted one that is reference to Star Trek film; why is that franchise quoted needlessly sometimes... oh right, nevermind

-the cliffhanger was predicted and spoiled. And to quote another franchise:
"Now THATS a knife!" Wonder if it causes the right shoulder wound on Kitty next cover and cures her phasing cramps

Still missing my brother...

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