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Subj: Uncanny X-Force #9: Logan should just quit...
Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 at 08:29:33 pm EDT (Viewed 382 times)

...quit the Avengers. Especially after...

Uncanny X-Force #9

The poser/collage cover serves the story well enough. The uncharacteristic crackling energy is possibly unnecessary - what? Does it represent frustrating impotence at acting the bad guy role?

Utopia is 60 miles from San Fran - good to know.

The movie reel layout to emote maximum 'Nuff Said drama at the cost of minimal context was... hit and miss.
hit- art
miss- in the olde days we could get much more silent panels per page with more content
-hit- appropriately using Doc's character to hunt down the Nazi.
-miss- single person taking the (only?) Blackbird is arguably not smart but using it for an errand of a 'secret' mission seems unbelievable
-hit- Doc/Namor exhange was good
-miss- are those floating metal steps or just an abstract perspective of shelves? And oddly going to the overhang of the bar?
-hit- Mags gets lavish quarters {for an Island Nation that cant stock enough T.P.)
-hit&miss- he is apparently torn with the decision of getting the info to react to for implied reasons of his hard times in WWII even though readers are unfortunately not told details
-miss- sure, we can assume that is hard liquor but really it could be anything. Why not put an expensive name on the label instead of nothing. Have we seen Max drink before?
-hit&miss- we get two pages of him drinking and looking weak willed which we are to assume is a taumatic decision but readers are unfortunately not told details. Magneto weak willed? Torn about maintaining his good guy ruse? My kingdom for a thought bubble...

Glorified hitmen to Angel regarding his kill: "Forgehddaboudit!"

Deathlok is on the team, eh? As Trophy Room guard?

Magneto knows of X-Force but slyly doesnt reveal his informant. Yeah, when a story calls for its easier to just say Character X 'has his sources'. Okay, dont tell Logan how. Okay, Mags is resourceful enough to have his sources. But, still, this just felt like a cheat. Readers should have been told if not Logan. Its okay to tell us the Nemesis news but not the X-Force snitch. We better be told soon rather than make this a dangler. Readers have to rationalize how believable keeping an X-Force a secret for a prolonged time.

"If you dont kill the man in this picture, I think I may cry."
"Alright, bub buddy."
Whaaat?! That was very, intensely... Crazy stuff [with a capital C] pending details which of course were not the artistic direction of this tale. The team see Logan get hired as a lackey, OF MAGNETO, walk off to do the ex-terrorist's dirty work. The RAvenger makes things worse by walking away from X-Force like a Hypocrit - after JUST saying there are no secrets when with the team. Hypocrit. Hope that the pay off of finding out the truth will be worth it - but am skeptical.

OMG. First he had a secret lock of Jean's hair and now he proudly displays her picture over his bed?! And, the marriage photo with Mariko crammed on a shelf hidden by a book? Sheesh - two timing the dead now.

Interesting ARCHILOCUS quotation plaque. Any trivia on that?

E.V.A. looks cool here but two pages to fly and land her felt very indulgent for a tour of Rio.

The Logan/Nazi exchange was good to end the issue. That is, until the disturbing, if predicted and unwanted, last page. C'MON! Bad enough we must assume theres nothing more to the couple in the picture with no details - at least have Logan show some honor and walk up to Steve Rogers to quit the Avengers for conflict of interest with who he is in the X-verse. He should not be on both teams and he is definitely not Avengers material for a looong time now. Hope that the pay off of finding out the truth will be worth it for this too.

"You'd better hope the X-Men never get tired of putting up with you, because I guarantee the Avengers would never have you".

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