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Subj: How Come The X-Universe Is So Dark, Unredeeming, And Monstrous? And I Hear That The Ultimate Universe Is Even WORSE!
Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 at 07:48:24 pm CDT (Viewed 155 times)

I was thinking about this, and my answer is that it probably has something too do with the 90s. That's when we got a lot of the villians like Fabian Cortez and Trevor Fitzroy. My other answer is that the X-Universe might be suited too dark storyline. Let's look at some of the characters and the events, shall we?

#The Mutant Massacare- This was a widescale tragedy in the X-Universe, and from what I understand, their first major atrocity. It gave us the Maraurders and Mr. Sinister, both evil too the core, and irredeemable. Monsters.

#Fabian Cortez- Very evil and monstrous. Didn't he lead the Acolytes on a mission to slaughter an entire hospital?

#Cyber and Sabretooth- Definitely monsters, especially Sabretooth. Completely evil characters. Although I guess that Sabretooth might have sometimes been a clone.

# The Weapon X Concentration Camp storyline- Another really evil and vile act that touched the X-titles. Dark stuff.

# Donald Pierce- Another complete monster. Very evil, but his actions have all been against mutants.

#Cameron Hodge- Do we have to go here? The Inferno babies thing that he did was just awful, and another example of a complete horror in the X-Universe. And then what he did too poor old Candy Southern and Warlock and Karma. This guy is a monster.

# Trevor Fitzroy- Yeah, he was pretty bad as well, wasn't he?

# The Genosha Tragedy

#Magneto's, er sorry, I mean Xorn's turning New York into something close to a concentration camp.

I'm sure that there are more that I can't think of right now, but it's pretty evident that the X-Universe is full of complete monsters. I don't mind, I'm just wondering why. I read some of Ultimate X-Men here and there (The first few Mark Millar and Bendis issues.), but I read that the Blob ATE somebody, and that Magneto was/is a pure psychopath.