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Subj: I Read The Trade Of The First Four Issues Of The New Uncanny Series. I'm Really Confused. What Did I Miss With Mister Sinister? It Was Really Weird.
Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 at 02:45:34 am EDT (Viewed 137 times)

The first four issues were reprinted, and I checked out the trade from the Library. I enjoyed the story, most of the dialogue was pretty witty and fun, Magneto was portrayed as being enormously powerful, which I just love, Emma Frost and Storm(Especially.)were written well (Oh, and it's nice not too see Scott being portrayed as a borderline manipulative sociopath as well. I liked him here. Namor got in some good lines as well.), and the art by Carlos Pacheo (Was he the only artist?) was great, but I had no clue what was going on with Mr. Sinister. This was probably the all time STRANGEST interpretation and story of the character that I've ever read/seen. How many of him were there? How was he able too make SO MANY clones of himself? Just how coco for coco puffs did he get? And was it ever revealed how he came back from the dead? Or that whole Miss Sinister thing (That's probably best left forgotten about. If they never mention it again, good. What a weird.)? What is he currently up to? And where were the reserve members, ie: The other mutants on Utopia? Wasn't Avalanche supposed to(o) be associated with the team on some level, or in some form of capacity? Don't they have more mutants around to(o) call on? It seemed pretty strange how Cyclops just talked the Celestials down in like THREE pages. Do they really cowtow that easily? Although, they've been watered down quite a bit haven't they, so maybe it's for the better. And what about Rachel Summers? Is she with one of the other X-Teams?

Regarding the Phalanx, are they all dead now or what? Because it seemed like there was just ONE gigantic one remaining, and at the end, of course he died. I don't know much about the Phalanx, but weren't they a race? Like, a BIG race? They served as the cosmic menance in the Annihilation event (Or one of theAnnihilation events anyway.) didn't they? Are they REALY that powerful? They really didn't seem too be all that big of a deal when I read them (The story that I read with them was circa around the Uncanny 340s I believe. This was when Joseph was on the team.). Come too think of it, I'm not all that crazy about Colossonaut either, but what really threw me and took me out of the story was Mr. Sinister. I think that maybe they should kill him off, because the writers seem to(o) have really screwed him up at this point. I'm open too change, but this was a little bit too out there and abrupt. I like the old version better. Wayyyy better. Wayyyyyy Wayyyyy Wayyyy better.

Thanks for the help.

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