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stupid baby

Subj: 1st appearance of Guido Carosella
Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 at 01:17:15 pm EDT (Viewed 17 times)

whats is the 1st appearance of Guido Carosella ( strong guy ) ?

when I was younger, in the 90s, i alaways read that it was New Mutants annual 2,( or maybe it was annual 1 ) so i ways thought thats what it was. I had just read about a week ago that his 1st was in New Mutants # 29. Which I just got, read and enjoyed, in #29, the kids act like this is the first time they had seen him...

so I was just wondering if anyone could clarify this.
also why does such a discrepency exist?

did one come out first , but the other takes place first or something like that?

cuz that was the case with Exodus' frist appearance in the early 90s.