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Subj: Cable and X-Force #2...
Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 03:48:14 pm EST (Viewed 234 times)

Not much better than last time...

Cable and X-Force #2

-interesting cover presuming that is some puppet master-like entity
-so thaaaaaat's what happened in issue 1. Mass murder, debatable Domino chronology, visions of aaa future, Transmode Virus... Veeeeeery helpful Recap Page.
-guess they've adopted the team name already.
-Forge implies intricate factors involved with teleporting. This is important info, IMO, for scene segues. Makes me curious about his bike having an independant teleport system or not.
-huh, guess this is an unfootnoted in-media-res flashback opening to after the 'mass murder' but before the 2nd half of issue#1...?
-sooo, Cable has mutant negator disc that depowers Colossus. That's becomes a curious... plot device.
-huh, no that can't be right. The segue is to "DAYS EARLIER" to a scene that must have been happening at the end of issue#1 but also after the opening here???
-poor response time from the Uncanny Avengers and Stark's Iron Man to save the Stark property/tenants. Missed opp for even Jennifer Kale showing up since its her neck of the woods - but she's probably poledancing as a bar.
-again with the transporter curiousity. Poor targetting allowed only a mid-air opening?
-lucky for Dom that Hope had her father's 'damn' jetpack laying around. Okay, they're safe on the ground... waaaitaminnit. Now Dom puts it on and somehow Hope is flying too?! Odd visual.
-too many blank white holo-screens gets boring.
-OMG, Doc Nemesis is as skilled as Doc Doom surgically removing the top of a head.
-'Won't somebody think of the puppies.' \:\)
-"OUR HERO GIRL." Who, Hope?! Sheesh. Miami knows/cares more about her than her adoptive parent or her new home town (or me).
-Hope does fumble herself with that guardhouse rescue in newsworthy fashion - apparently more interesting than the giant techno-blob terrorizing stage there.
-yeah, those are grandpa tongs. Guess asking Warlock for his finger nails was out of the question. ;\)
-Dom does fumble herself with that easy bomb toss in Hail Mary fashion - with hardly any drama vs the giant techno-blob terrorizing stage there.
-oh good, Forge was able to lower the teleport portal finally for easy access.
-aaah! There IS a puppet master...
-3 generous pages of Dom/Cable dialogue. Buuut we still don't know what upset Piotr about 'the undisclosed' mission. Or WHO killed who. What was going on with Cable's day surgery - on his brain. What the bad news down the pike he won't share with her (or us). If this future is Cable's past. Then why/how was she recruited, Etc...
-sooo, Piotr's powers are in flux too. And he is in a funk again.
-underwhelming cliffhanger tease.

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