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Subj: Adjectiveless Wolverine: What words would you use?
Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 at 07:22:29 pm EDT (Viewed 122 times)

This PBP was a frustrating challenge to put into words for...

Wolverine 003

SOMETHING has been going on. And it has been since Wolverine apparently murdered in issue #1. The (boringly named) letters page http://abload.de/img/lettersfcuey.jpg confirms there's been a mystery afoot since the beginning. So everything that Logan has said and done from the start has been suspect - and everything he has said and done has felt out of character and UNcredible. Logan should not be a quitter and a coward without his healing factor. Posting after #1 or #2 would have been misplaced displeasure and complaints since something is obviously and probably intentionally off with Logan's characterization. Trying to keep an open mind but 3 issues in and there's more disappointing confusion than entertainment with this opeing 'Wolverine adventure' or maybe 'Wolverine direction'?

Have you been reading along? Are you buying Logan?

"AHHHH!" Is that fear in his voice for the Gwen Stacy impersonation [the ninja man falling in claw's rech of the building and who freely jumps out of Quinjets and Blackbirds]?

Logan is sleeping with someone who is not Storm. Dying to see that who did what in that breakup even if it has to be told via overused retro flashback! He's bagging Pinch is his co-worker at Stratus (a business that seems to be blatantly copycatting SERVAL) because...

So, Jubes is back to pink specs and yellow trench. Reader demand? And now, magic sunlight protection amulet isn't good enough anymore. If Jubirella isn't a regular castmate all this new tech protection attention was not necessary here. Also, she got an awful lot of go nowhere facetime if it was a one time deal - to help force an unfootnoted X-Wo-men team up crossover. Hmm, who's watching Shogo the priority of her life - other than going on daytime missions that is?

Curious: Is this tech a big deal. Have to reserve comment until someone explains it. So, Hill, from her bike, used a gizmo or her bike system to hack into an X-men earpiece (with or without its own security settings - for when the team is not conveniently psi-casting). She sends the signal directly to his ear or does it bounce off a satellite or something else?

Hill personally recruiting Logan in a dark alley amdist a serious but unrelated city attack for this obviously disavowable covert op makes little sense at face value. Hopefully, it's not just an easy peasy plot device without reprecussions. Just another occurence that makes things too strange for a 3rd issue in a row.

Two pages of seeing him play video games with Lost Boy was like eating empty calories. Not much point other than establish this new teammate likes beer too.

While NOT using Sentinels again is very refreshing this matter-of-fact introduction of these gestalt-bots -or whatever- was needlessly distracting. The heroes efforts were not very impressive, any origin detail was severely lacking, and it seems that the combined version is tougher than a Sentinel (since often it only takes one X-man to take one of those out).

In issue 1 & 2 he was like a quitter and a coward and here Logan is like a newbie combatant. Freezing up like that. Good thing Jubes was there afterall to save him. Since his new love and weathermaster Ro plus TK-masters Rache and Bets were all disappointingly impotent to help. Huh, apparently Monet was there doing not much too.

It is unclear if Logan ran from the battle all the way to JGS on foot but it is clear... HE RAN FROM THE BATTLE. WHAT IS THIS DIRECTION they're taking the Canucklehead?! NOT liking it. There he passes Q-rated Quentin Quire the king of Cameo Kids currently.

Apparently SpOck made him a Superior Wolverine exo-suit... because... ?? Maybe to make up for being insensitive last ish... no that can't be it... Ghost-Peter asserted himself so fast and furious that a quick sew job could be done... nah, that's just a really reaching No-Prize.

Cut to Asian Underworld HQ in Lametown. Shingen wearing the colors of Kenuichio's Silver Samurai. Lord Deathstrike master of the revolving door. Mystique vying for Queen of Chronology Confusion. And complete this executive power group with 3 lazyazz, disgraceful Hand workers with feet up on the table and sleeping on the job. Enter: the caucasion Asian crime-lord, natty three-piece trendsetter, and god-wannabe, Creed! This calls for a meme.

This meme may come in more useful than just for X-Force. ;\)

Any speculation where Logan is going? What words would you describe this new title with?


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