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Subj: Uncanny X-Men #19: Good job...
Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 08:54:53 pm EDT (Viewed 322 times)

After 2 bad Avengers books today this was easy and deserving of a good job rating...

Uncanny X-Men 019.NOW

HA! Good job Goldballs! You basically got only 2 lines with the same lowbrow joke but they struck me as funny. Great to see you got an official costume too!

Good job Cyke! Firing Hijack was a plan all along! Nice one, it had me fooled too. Nice leadership calls this mission. (Did Scott know he was losing control of his beams? Because of AvX problems or because of the Sentinel's vibe?)

Good job Magik! As debatable or disagreeable the selection and scope of her magicks are or may be this was an uncanny and amazing showing. Welcome continuity attention with her. BTW, let's get an in-story quote as to how heavy that Soulsword is.

Good job Hijack! Play dumb, don't rat out the mutants! You don't know you HQ-ed in Canada? You are just playing dumb, right? Lots of characterization potential with this development. (Hey, is there much difference with him and Overdrive in Superior Foes?)

Good job Hill! Way to represent SHIELD! Savy, sassy, strong spirited. All good qualities presented well to easily eclipse her hands-on overexposure in the MU not to mention this title when her mutant liason should be covering this interrogation.

[sarcasm]Good job Daz![/sarcasm] Get pump that quality blood to serve as MGH ingredient. (Did we know X-factor blood was the source of MGH?!) Get caught and drugged but still put fear in your captor/impersonator Mystique not to mention fight thru the coma.

[sarcasm]Good job Creed![/sarcasm] Confuse us readers even more. Are you the Asian Crimelord based in Madripoor or Raven's dopey sidekick?

Good job New Sentinel Maker! Whomever you are! (Any guesses?) You seeming hack Cerebra and bring a worthwhile mystery twist to the usual cliche Sentinels presence. And this one was tough and put the damn in mutant dampening! (Were those Evolutionaries coming out of the neck... nope, probably just the multiple mini units, right?) Congrats for getting the world hate ALL mutants again - especially since other writers have jumped the gun on that.

Good job with the artwork. Except once again with the action sequence choreography, some of the color choices, and the women's legs on the last 7 pages.

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