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Subj: Amazing X-Men #6...
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PBP reactions for...
Amazing X-Men 006


Page 1
What. The. Hell.?! Never return to the afterlife?! What NOW? He's immortal? How would that even work? Like Wolverine surviving Nitro? Replacement Bamfs? Technically we still don't really know what a Bamf ..err.. entails - so Kurt's sympathetic 'predicament' is more befuddling than brilliant. He's prooobably depressed since he can never see the beauty of Heaven again. But then again how can a place be so beautiful to begin with authorize (by default) this poorly presented sales pitch to bring Kurt back into the X-flock? Need help processing this casual PrevPage summary of 1-5.

Perfect aftermath setting. Nostalgia is nice. (nb. No extra Blue Bamfs at the party - with all that liquor. Hmmm...)

Colorful bunch to bring a smile. 'Course it's clearly by invite only and probably not worth dissecting who was 'overlooked' for the guest list.

Is moping on roofs going to be his 'thing' now? Gotta mull over how long that mood-itude should last. Repeating Day 1 is definitely alright but this locale is such a rushed/force plot device set up. So, the defeat of Azazel was done in the JGS area upon materialization? And the team are on good terms with SHIELD to call 'em to pick up the prisoner? They'd not use an X-Cell for him until the figure things out? Obviously, Kurt chose this spot to watch them take his dad away as is fitting the resposibility he created with his return... but then he chose to party with his friends before they got to (repaired?) Rykers? Huh.

Nice description about family as motivator for Kurt's decisions in the opening arc. Probably intended to portend also to the core team that noticably takes backseat this ish. This SOLO story was engaging enough to overlook the arguable habit of Marvel to do this early in the launch of TEAM book.

Oh snap! They came univited. Niiice. As it should be. Then they take away from the drama with the current I-HATE-YOU-SO-MUCH-I-WILL-STAY-OUT-OF-YOUR-WAY-AND-ADVENTURES dynamic that has poorly developed between Scott & Logan. Okay, we're use to that distasteful status quo. Then the add to the displeasure with Kurt's pontificating posture he takes towards Cyke. Another baffling reveal how the ex-dead man is up to speed up to the point that Xavier dies and updated him. He implies SCOTT killed his 'surrogate father' and then turns around and says but I'll drink with you anyways? Talk first, drink later, next time Elf! Especially if you cannot consult with people that died recently, too, for more updates if Heaven is so selective with Earth Intel. Obviously, the Bamfs must have kept you informed somewhat on things that you'd go the at AXM for help to begin with.

That's better. Hug it out. That previous panels put a damper on things for a minute. Also, maybe Emma shouldn't be so smiley.

Sooo, masquerading as Daz must be a bust now? Makes Daz MIA for next story arc ASAP IMO. Sooo, Raven confirms she has ability to hide her shapeshifts from Logan. Interesting and liekly makes story plotting easier. Yet it felt right, that Kurt could see it was her. Loved that Kurt called out a character spiritually calling out "OH GOD" in casual pet-peeved fashion. (Yeah, yeah same argument it's a common expression - but IMO a luxury more for common folk.)

Meat and potatoes of the cover tease begin. Good conversation. Not sure about letting his mother go - pros and cons about it. Temporarily? Conditionally? Especially since he was behind locking up a criminal parent earlier. BTW: Sure, she may have deep, deep, deep down maternal feelings for him but have readers ever seen her do something notably nice for Kurt?

Meat and potatoes of the cover part 2. You got "RYKERS" out of that? Leap in logic much, Raven? That's one way to move the plot quickly. However, still a good scene with tension and logical gunpointing at a teleporter.

Fun quote. Very slooowly moving prison bus. Damn Red Bamfs - that may or may not be trapped on Earth.

Kurt the life-saver in action! Azazel very slooowly enacting his escape. Red Bamfs bamf him out (& bring 'sword') - that's fine. And wile it's great the revisited gov't dampener tech is it clear that Azazel has no mystical component since it probably wouldn't work on that?

Mommy's home! Eat lead! \:\) High energy sequence. And although it made sense it was kinda redundant too that Azazel used the same fun line from THREE PAGES earlier.

ARRRRRRGH. Nothing to see here folks! Hate that. Readers want to READ the pages not imagine at the significant story going on BETWEEN panels! Sooo, probably a Red Bamf bonked him and the other ones bamfed the grown ups?

Oh Raven! You multi-facetted, multi-characterized, multi-messed-up character you! Of course, you want to team-up...

Heartwarming ends to a done-in-one are hit and miss. This one was a... walk (which still counts as a score).

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