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Subj: Cyclops #1: WHY?!
Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 at 10:30:06 pm EDT (Viewed 303 times)

Cyclops 001 (2014)

Why? Why? Why'd it have to be so good? The sooner the Young Originals get back to where they came from the better. But then why pass up a chance at a good book - because this was a good and promising premiere. Of course, you have to swallow: the premise of Scott's presence, the illogical return of Corsair thru a crack in time, the "stinking" disregard of Hepzibah during her walkabout on Earth, Korvus but no stupid Phoenix-Blade in Red Alert panels, and the casual reset to the outlaw status of The Starjammers.

This was premiere was waaay better than the Nightcrawler premiere! Many worthwhile storyseeds to explore too. Plus there was the sweet bonus of being a done-in-one! In fact it was good enough to overlook the indigestion listed above - until next issue since the 'uncanny' confrimation that this is NOW an ongoing series.


SCOTT: It's hard to compliment that he was spot on given his unique circumstances and skewed (yet decently recapped) history but he was a likable, spacebound 16 year old to read. Was always a fan of pre-Dark Reign Cyclops - maybe this version will thankfully bring some mellow to Real Scott in ways neither of them (or readers) planned or imagined.

CORSAIR: Exploring the belated fatherhood along with him was a fun. He could give Kurt a run for his money as the current most likable pirate at heart. Wonder when he'll mention his time spent with Alex or his larger crew he recently had.

HEP: Glad she's back. She felt spot on! Love the artistic interpretation of her. Even the speech pattern details, including hyphenating "Sc'ottt", lent alien authenticity.

SIKORSKY and CR'EEE: Loved that they got focus to go with facetime.

CH'OD and RAZA: They only punched a clock but it was good to see them. Curious tidbit that Ch'od doesn't understand Cr'eee.

KORVUS: Not a fan. His contribution was yawnworthy.

BADOON: Not sure why they just didn't go with a generic alien race if they weren't going to offer any exposition or add any curiousity about their misplaced presence. Still their defeat by Scott and the Starjammers(and Cyclops) here was choreographed much more believably than their defeat by Guardians of the Galaxy(and Iron Man) early in that lately not so good series.

OVERALL: Grabber cover. Recommended issue.

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