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Subj: Wolverine and the X-Men #4: Ugh.
Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 at 03:27:27 pm EDT (Viewed 162 times)

Wolverine and the X-Men 004

Ugh. What a wasted read. Never (satisfyingly) understood a word of the overall big picture. And the pictures were just average to boot.

• Can somebody summarize all that gobbledygoop discussed and critique the temporal crisis averted (if it even was averted)?
• How did Quire get from the JGS to the NXS so quickly?
• Since when could Hellion do so well in combat vs Rockslide?
• Where are the sexy nuns from again?
• Why won't Fantomex just go away (or stick to X-Force) - and maybe take Evan with him? \:\)
• So, Wolverine has some Phoenix Gun and Old Quire has some Phoenix Blade after it's all over - remind me: What's up with that?

Ugh, Young Scott AND Bamfs? Must before his star trek and Kurt's Amazing return. Interchanging title casts in All-New and Uncanny is confusingtrying enough and now adding Wolverine& to the mix with this future futzing is even more offputtingchallenging to appreciate the characters sequentially. This was NOT the most inviting opening arc AT ALL.

I miss Dad and Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.