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Subj: the movie is weak
Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 at 08:26:30 pm EDT (Viewed 28 times)

Weak, in an X-Men: Last Stand kind of way. When I heard Fox was doing Days of Future Past as a solo movie, I felt they were missing an opportunity. That story could have easily been a 3 movie trilogy. And, sure enough, this movie doesn't do it justice. Too much crammed in, and done poorly to boot. Not even some great acting from Fassbender and Jackman can save it. The movie was far too melodramatic, focusing way too much on McEvoy's feelings, and not enough on the very grim subject matter of genocide. The future X-Men didn't seem sufficiently desperate or afraid. And the writing and directing were mediocre. Worst is that there was no big climax. The Avengers and Winter Soldier have set the bar pretty high for super hero movies, and X-Men movies aren't measuring up lately. Squandered potential. That's what sums up this movie best.

And I'd really like it if Fox would actually research the characters before depicting them in their films. That would mean we might actually get to see Quicksilver in a film, and not some kid with a terrible hair style.

As an aside, you may be amused to know that my brother knows a guy who owns a comic book store in Montreal(where the movie was filmed). He said the film's creators came into his store to buy a copy of the Days of Future Past story line for their own reading. The store's owner asked them why they didn't just get a copy from Marvel or Disney, and they replied, "Christ, if we have to wait for them to get off their butts we'll never read it." But the kicker is that they bought the copy AFTER filming had already started. Which means they wrote the script without ever having read the source material. Which explains a lot.