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Subj: X-Men Blue #5: Details...
Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 at 07:47:00 pm EDT (Viewed 163 times)

X-Men Blue 005 (2017)

A fun comic book battle issue and perfectly feasible storyplot to get alt-Wolvie Jr. recruited. Long overdue very likable and detailed choreography to a big X-team fight. Expostion on these 'new' alt-Marauders and an intriguing cleavage-packed intro of an intriguing ANAD Miss Sinister! The art was okay. On top of all that entertainment, there was a generous amount of engaging epilogue pages with Magneto's meet & greet with the new member. Another bonus was the Letters Page replies confirming Astonishing X-men and teasing that White Queen will actually be in the Secret Empire Event.

Details, details:
• Good cover.
• Sheriff Kira had just the right amount of presence. AND PLEASE don't reveal a relative connection between Kira and Jubilation!
• Soooo, Blue Team is keeping it a secret from Kitty and the School that Magneto is alive and that they are working for him. Keeping it a secret from the Gold Team and a sizable clique of premiere mindreaders of Earth. Yeah, right. Ain't X-telepathy grand? And another thing since Kitty apparently knows the O5 went off to do their own style of X-menning, she SHOULD REALLY AND IN-STORY designate[ie.officially recognize and support] then as "X-MEN BLUE" literally.
• Alt-Armor attacks awesomely.
• Cyke scores a CRAZY ricochet shot. Not crazy about that.
• Fake Bobby vs Fake Pietro = Real Fun.
• Angel's cosmic fired flame feathers recklessly causing real fire damage. FOr some reason thought they were more plasma energy based or he had more control. Not crazy about that.
• Remind me what happened to our pre-SW Miss Sinister that went from transgendered to the body of that random old scientist woman (IIRC)?
• THIS Miss Sinister's Black Queen attire suggests she's from a foreign country's chapter of the Hellfire Club organization. Did we know this? From the Ultimate Universe comics, can anyone tell me if there was an alt-verison of her in 1610?
• WTH?! Jimmy can control the adamantium around his claws? Hmm... that comes in handy against lower grade metal manipulators but prob not Magneto, eh? His metal isn't saturated/infused with his bone? From the Ultimate Universe comics, can anyone tell me if we know who his mother is?
• Now about that story MS told JG: She suggests she has somehow determined that an alt-reality was somehow destroyed out of existence and that this handful of alt-Marauders (incl.Jimmy) 'fell' to our 616 before the null. She also suggests that such a transition will cause displaced beings to completely forget everything about their origins. She somehow detected and located all these mutant and yet not-really mutant signatures just like Blue Team did Jimmy (but oddly Cerebro of Gold Team located neither, hmm...). Not crazy about all that as believable fact. And since Blue Team remember it's past does the internal logic of that in any way mean their original reality cannot be gone?

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