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Subj: Iceman #5: Out now! (In more ways than one.)...
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Iceman 005

    Iceman #5 storytime Anonymous 09/06/17(Wed)11:34:40 No.95146445 Archived >>95146451 >>95146592 >>95146859 >>95147097 >>95149316 >>95151486 >>95156194 >>95158295 >>95163229 >>95163254 >>95165012 >>95165080
    >Have you tried not being a homosexual?
    In this very special episode of Iceman, Bobby comes out to his parents.
    Also the Juggernaut is here.

Good cover. Good to get a done-in-one supervillain clash vs Jugghead.

    Juggernaut's new design would be fine if he didn't have those ugly tubes on the back and he wasn't so freakishly tall.

Wholey crap! Just how big is he now?! Is this more creative license or new aftereffects of his last Cyttorak arc in UXM? And wasn't he wearing magic armor in classic days? He shouldn't have a redesign option, IMO. His original looks better anyways.

    >Of course I'm sure, a teenage version of my dead psychic friend and a teenage version of myself told me I'm gay


    Didn't Quentin Quire graduate? And wasn't he the new host of the Phoenix Force or something?

He fits in fine here, as is, and delivers a couple fun comments. Kitty was okay too - lucky for her her buttinsky method of crossing the line by sharing Bobby's personal mail worked out for the best in the end.

    >You two watch the news, being gay shouldn't be a big deal anymore

    &^%$, Priest handled this conversation better between Joey and his mom in a significant lesser amount of pages.

Joey who?

    >Fake news

    Not all parents handle their son being a homosexual the same way Adeleine Kincaid, murderous government agent, would.

Adeleine who? Guess'm gonna hafta wiki...

    >Telling the Juggernaut where the O5 are
    Way to go Bobby.


    Weren't Kurt and Rachel supposed to help? Why is Bobby doing this by himself?

While the fight was engaging this is also an excellent point. His whole pitch was that he's part of 'a team'. Plus, Jugghead is Omega Level threat and 'a few named X-men' in the area doesn't cut it. He's mano a mano for AT LEAST as long as it takes from Central Park to the busy intersection of NYC.

    >Ice punch?

OH WOW! They butchered interpretation of his powers in more ways than that. It would have been more believable to defeat him by reducing the temp to absolute zero so there is NO MOVEMENT to have to 'stop the juggernaut'. What's with that punch?! What's with the ice-wings?! How does he multitask all those ice-dupes when fighting life and death? And the repeated references and foreshadowing of being able to turn to vapor?! WHY?! His power shouldn't include that if only aesthetically speaking. Remind me the ONE TIME he turned vapor and how he got back? Was it an Emma Frost bodyswap revelation thing? And what's with ice-sliding Juggs to the East River and just walking away promising that SHIELD would pick him up? Dumb victory - when it could have been a great one for Bobby.

    Omega Level Mutant. He had the potential to do this &^%$ a long time ago.

It's fine/organic that he grows into mastery of his original basic powers. He still should be acknowledging his loss of control when freezing over the Earth awhile ago.

    Well that was anti-climatic win.

What's the deal with implying he literally dumped the encased Jugg INTO the water?

    I mean it kind of was treated like a switch being flipped, as Bobby mocks.

    My problem with this book is it feels like the writer isn't even trying to pretend this is Bobby Drake. It all reads like they're playing Devil's Advocate with themselves about gay marriage instead of writing a story around a man suddenly realizing he's gay well into adulthood, his lover, and his conservative parents.


    Is this series beyond saving?

    >instead of writing a story around a man suddenly realizing he's gay well into adulthood
    That's what this reads like though.

    >his conservative parents
    His parents are essentially supporting characters at this point

How freaky would it be to have a love triangle with Young Bobby's Romeo?
His father ends up being 'not all that bad' afterall.

    >wasn't he the new host of the Phoenix Force or something?
    Temporarily, yes. Not sure about the graduation, but he's gone back to the school in Generation X as well.

Not sure his status was thoroughly resolved in that Thor arc. Sadly.

    there is nothing that isnt canon here

    Iceman is a true Omega mutant. Like Elixir. Generally they either go to Limbo because they are too powerful that writing them is a problem, or they are written as inept people who dont know how to use their huge powers, or are afraid of using them. That is bobby.

    When Thanos invaded earth searching for the gems in Hickmans run, the only X-Men his henchmen were worried about was "the Omega mutate" meaning Iceman. Storm, Rachel and Wolverine did not worry them.

Really? Thanos meant Iceman (only)? Weird HYDRA Cap didn't worry about TWO Icemen around.

    Toned down version of the Infinite Mass Punch?
    Bobby can outright destroy heat/energy, slowing down light isn't that farfetched. It was even mentioned in Ultimate X-Men.

    >last page
    It's almost like sometimes people say things they don't mean. Do you interact with people on a regular basis?

Well, in one light, he is kinda considering suicide then his pop says, like, alrighty then, love ya, bye.

    Bobby can freeze Ben Grimm solid, I think he can freeze Cain if he doesn't have any momentum.

    >literally says in this issue he hasn't been with a guy
    how does he know then

    Then why is Bobby so damn bland? Why does it read like they're talking about generalized opinions on homosexuality instead of Bobby? WTF is Bobby making the common "flip the switch" analogy when this is a domino effect from his younger self getting mindhacc'd by young Jean (even if Marvel doesn't outright encourage that interpretation)?

    If the comic wants to have scenes like this, or like when he had dinner with his family in...shit was it 2 or 3? 4? These issues are bleeding together on me. My point is that the writer could easily TELL an interesting story with a good setup, but instead the book is dragging its ass and both the earlier confrontations about his mutanthood and this one about straight up being gay just feel completely without character, like talking points instead of conflict.

    >Standing around in a largely empty room.
    >"I'm gay."
    >"Dude for dude."
    >"I want to go on dates with men."
    That's not how anyone comes out of the closet to their parents. This is like a bad standup comedy show.

    >Juggernaut has tubes on the back of his outfit.
    Are they trying to make him the new Bane? He is a big guy.


    >My relationships didn't work because I was gay
    Cop out

Which significant relationship with a woman lasted the shortest? The longest?

    This basically reads like you're unhappy they're writing a story differently than you would have. Them not shoehorning in a love interest yet doesn't make the book less interesting. As much as we all like to meme about Jean turning Bobby gay that's clearly not what is intended and no writer that wants to keep his job would imply Marvels now biggest gay character might have been "made gay" by one of their most popular superheroines. The conflict is within the talking points. He has conflict regarding both being a mutant and gay. There are intended parallels between both conflicts.

    I like this book (but then, I never cared for Iceman, to me this resembles the first time he is interesting)
    Could anybody storytime Astonishing? I wont be back home till midnight


Interesting evidence.

    Now I'm just thinking about the weight of water or ice and how much it might make flying a bit inhibiting if you are using avian biomechanics. It would be much more believable if he was an a vapor ghost form with only solidified eyes.

    Cain &^%$ing knows Bobby can reform. He was on the team when he learned how to do it.

    >Wait, WHAT!?!?! This Michaela mutant is dead. She was murdered several months ago back in X-Men Gold.

    Different mutant girl, this one was rescued by Bobby up in an earlier issue of this series.

    >This basically reads like you're unhappy they're writing a story differently than you would have.
    No, I'm unhappy with the dialogue and the way the conflicts have been handled so far. I suggested that they COULD use a third party, not that they had to. I don't care how they do it, I just want Bobby and his parents to feel like people dealing with schism in their personal lives. Nobody talks to their dad like this. It's lacking actual character agency.

    >after these events people still don't take Bobby Seriously in a fight

    I mean really nobody goes up to Thor or Hulk and claims they'll wipe the floor with them. Where's the fear/respect for the guy who caused a global ice age in under 24 hours because a rock made him evil and was only defeated by his own subconscious because he wiped the floor with everyone else.

    The rape of iceman continues.
    He used to be my favorite

    The gay thing is so uninteresting and bland at this point

    So stupid and cringe worthy

    I still don't get why Emma never told Bobby he was gay. She lived in his head for ... how long? Years?

    Have they addressed this at all? I mean, I'm sure it could be explained, but have they bothered to even lampshade it?

    His weird relationship with mistic could have benn more interesting

    too bad you can't ungay a character in modern writing - 50yrs of character development down the degenerate drain what a shame

    Perhaps someday in the far future, Drake's desire for the bodies of men will be retconned into his desire for a human body as he ascends into "The Legendary Iceman" so often name dropped by time travelers in the years I was just starting to really get into the X-men. Drake should just be sentient broken law of physics the Celestials needed him to be as opposed to this mess of a story.

    Bobby's love for Polaris could break the brainwashing if Marvel would put her in the same room as him ever again.

    why is there so sjw crap in a comic about two white men fighting each other?

Going to stop the copy/paste of 0-Day fourchan responses here. It goes on and on but mostly denegrates to crude jokes, back and forth insults, and personal direction preferences for Iceman. Next issue: Darkstar! Yay. Plus the solicit SEEMINGLY confirms that Kobik did NOT (stupidly) leave Black Widow dead: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Iceman_Vol_3_6. Yay! What did you all think of this coming out issue that has just come out?

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