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Subj: X-Men Gold #17: Look before you leap...
Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 at 01:51:53 pm EST (Viewed 120 times)

Jumped in expecting better. It's frustrating that it's barely average. PBP to compare if you read it...

X-Men Gold 017 (2018)

00 Okay cover.

RECAP: Ridiculous. Sometimes it's a Cast Page, sometimes it's a Roll Call Page. Pick a theme and stick with it. In this case it would have been helpful/clearer to... respectfully indicate that it was INK(Eric Gitter) and ARMOR(Hisako Ichiki) on this 'team' mission. And why not give new readers recap info, like, label OML as "Future Logan Howlett if everyone else gets full labelling??

01-03 The Triskelion and Blue Marvel was interesting to see in spite of it's underdeveloped post-SW origins and his ignored post-Ultimates footnoting. Why is Forge's lab not good enough? In what capactity was his services offered to the X-men? Sigh. And this repeated reliance on this stranger-displaced OML as the goto most cherished leader opinions continues to be CONFOUNDING. The new costumes and NegZone ship are fine. But this art style is... distracting; the anatomics and choreography are okay but this fractured-shading styling for muscles and panels with featureless details are not very pleasing.

04 Subplot interlude. Prestige is realistically recovering from physical injuries. Might be serious too. Wonder if an in-house telepath will be called in for an consult - that might be interesting. Amara and Reyes score a cameo.

05 Kitty & Kologoth have an entertaining banter for one page.

06 Technically Kurt teleports blind A LOT MORE times than writers acknowledge. But the point of his plight is clear enough here. Convenient plot device that bad guys have dampeners for phasing but not teleporting. Sigh.

07-08 Ugly crash. Uglier page of art/colors in the cockpit. So, uhh, Piotr was handling co-pilot readings from the backseat?? The cityscape was more visually stimulating - but why, again, did the ship have to crash land?? BTW, thanks for nothing Wind-Goddess Ro.

09-13 Generic big battle. Nothing notable... 'cept maybe they unleashed destructive power indeterminately against 2 forces who fought each other. Piotr's reasoning: self defense. Also, his on again, off again control over his transmuting is seeming ignored again. Otherwise... WAITAMINNIT! Ink can fly??! That better be precident, otherwise: SHEESH. All that cool costume tech and the first alien guy they run into speaks English! *cue John Cleese's reaction

14-16 Chosing sides. Mildly interesting they go with a bluff tactic to free friends as opposed to actually making a hero call and listening to the debate. Otherwise, not much... WAITAMINNIT! Ink can TP??! That better be precident, otherwise: SHEESH. And immediately they conveniently add to psi-plot devicing trope by indicating he's bush leagues level. SHEESH again.

17-18 Two pages of an underwhelming Kologoth just throwing away more Q-rating points with some dull supervillain monologuing. At least give your lackey stooge a name, K! (Missed opp to maybe throw in some fun NegZone Easter Eggs too.) On the plus side, at least he has 100% more character than Storm.

19-20 Kurt's gonna do it... he's gonna do it... He did it! Okay, finally something remarkable (and painfully evocative) happens on the last page splash! (Remind me if this is a first for this ages-long deterrant to bamfing?)

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