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Subj: Cable #152: Of course, there's more questions...
Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 at 05:03:17 pm EST (Viewed 239 times)

Maybe some answers/clarifications will make this chapter more than less than satisfying...

Cable 152

Grabber cover. So, it's symbolic of Future Gideon pulling Cable's strings all along, right? Even though storywise he really wasn't.

The Team spend the first 6 pages recapping the RECAP page.

The Leifeldesque art is a chore to get thru for every panel that have full beanpole body length shots of any character. Except Doop, eh? Of course, Doop is a chore in himself. ;\)

"THE EXILES" footnote/clue was given as to which timeline Blink is from. So, is that confirmation that she's the original version? What changes would that mean chronologically retrofitting in that series?

So, this adventure takes place 13 years ago. And it confirms Selene 'killed' him in X-Force #52 which was 10 years before that! YIKES! Does that mean #52 was still after Gideon fought the New Warriors in their series? It doesn't really matter because it clearly was after FF v1 #1 (not to mention the birth of current tweenager Franklin) so the messiness of any and all of the chronologically retrofitting boggles the mind.

Sigh. A boatload of new MU616 telepaths are introduced on a plot pitched whim. BAH! And easy transfer of psi abilities once the human body is replaced is a chore to accept too - even if it was 'cuz of future tech science. This went on for a decade. Adambot and Evebot are new introductions? Their designs are different so they must be uniquely special - even though at this point that would be a cumbersome plot factor to explain.

The Externals spend 2 pages recapping the recapping of the RECAP page.

That was an excellent argument. Take that, Cable! But not to give slimeball Gideon too much credit, something of a defense for timetampering could be said for altruistic intentions over selfish pursuits. Afterall, nearly ALL the MU heroes have rationalized it by this point - in spite of the go to pitfall of The Butterfly Effect that Hisako Busty Ichiki cites again earlier.

Is "INTENSELY" a proper English adjective for "INTENSELY ESPENSIVE"?

Impressive psi-showing by Doop. Not going to question all the adventures even a % of this power would have been useful since he joined the X-men adventures. Uhh, did we know he bleeds blood?

Can we assume that Gideon was misleading or strategically lying by saying those beastmen slave army were actually the future evolution of humans? Which is more efficient by his POV anyways? Making men into A.I TP bot slaves or evolving them into beastmen? The 2 lines of defense for his still unrevealed master plan are arguably contrary planning on his part?

[sarcasm]Could recruiting Armor and X-23 BE any more pivotal?[/sarcasm]

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