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Subj: All-New Wolverine #28: Let's get GABBY about this issue...
Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 at 03:08:00 pm EST (Viewed 143 times)

This issue was almost...

All-New Wolverine 028
So. Flamin'. Good. Great ish!

With the possible exception of the debatable, if not disagreeable, logic loophole to reverse the irreversable effects of the Murumasa Blade, now refurbished Murumasa Bullets, on (certain) bodies with regenerative DNA, this issue was so much fun.

The art was great. The symbolic cover was so so to OK. (Even though her claws have adamantium infused and those look only blood and bone just coated with the metal, right?)

The Orphans of X have melted all the mystical-infused Murumasa Blade and made Murumasa Bullets! Or maybe it was molecullarly rearranged. Adamantium is nigh-unmeltable by conventional means once forged, right? Interesting that a comparitively (more?) iconic metal to be made malleable by this sniktphobic revenge-bent group. It seems like they may have stretched the limited mass to make all the magic ammo we see, and don't see, this ish.

The whole scene with Laura's family conversation and escape on the beach was very engaging. And whether you agree or disagree, readers also learn how writers can keep all the Wolverines (and Weapon X'ers?) from ever dying again. That one hypothesis around cutting "a Wolverine" has been around and basically unanswered since around the time that The Hulk jumped on the regenerative bandwagon. It seems the bottom half should not sprout a duplicate BUT maybe if you cut perpendicularly then duplication would be more curious. Like what if the brain was on one half and the heart on the other? Or what if half a brain on other, and the other in the other? And then add on 'the clone factor' and the mind boggles. Technically 'cutting around the damage' should be 'similar' logic for Gabby to get rid of those scars on her face, no? So, thought provoking (suggested) implications added to the whole believable inter-family drama discussions sequence here.

Danger guest stars as uber service. Sure, it's weird that Laura can/does casually/chronologically calls Magneto - for a ride - especially considering his status quo. And sure, she only gets one page - but her interaction with Gabby was awesome!

So. Flamin'. Good. Love it! \:D
(Source of banner submission too!)

Wow! Japan has BIG BIG BIG picturesque sewers!

Fleur Ramsey backstory! Gabby once again is more likable Laura.

OMG! LOL! Jonathon's costume! Take that Couture Fashion! It's to die for! \:D

HOLY CRAP, It's Murumasa the Immortal! (Hmm... how is his DNA different than Wolverines or Externals or Eternals or...?) And now he has a convoluted method to make a metal shield against the mystic anti-Wolverine metal. He already has a shield to protect against the Murumasa Bullets. Oddly, he needs body pieces from Laura, Daken, and Gabby to make more. It's very strange if they are specifically tailored to each of them considering. Maybe he can only make one shield per Wolverine-aura? Or did he take a part of each of them to make only one shield?

Murumasa gives Daken (yet another) method to grow his ungrowable arm. Through the power of Marvel's ever convenient necessary psi power of the mind of anyone that needs it, gets it. Whatever. It was a cool sequence and it was an interesting reason in spite of the psi-baggage.

So, the OoX think 'the Wolverines' to be more an evolving race separate than mutant randomness. Hmm... have they heard of the Romulus backstory? Makes some sense once a mutation starts repeating itself like Mags to Lorna or Wanda to Wiccan.

Do we know Fatima, Maria, and Haruto? They seem ill-equipped to take out Shogo let alone any Wolveri... HOLY CRAP! Did they just blow away 3 of 'em?! No, clearly they must have been dummies for a test of loyalty but it made for a fantastic shock ending.

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