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Subj: Generation X #85: Patience is a...
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 at 07:21:38 pm EST (Viewed 160 times)

Generation X 085 (2018)

00 Poor cover image choice.

01 So we assume the island is Krakoa Jr., QQ got beer and bird at the KFC then KJr floated him out off the shore of ?? at a ?? distance into the Atlantic ocean. Sidebar: have we ever seen Quentin drunk?

02-03 Jubes and Paige 'bringing up baby' soap opera dialogue. There has to be something more interes... hey, is Jono's scarf made of Unstable Molecules material?

04-06 Extended dialogue about the ongoing gay menage a trois subplot is alotted three more pages 'cuz Iceman #9 ain't out yet. ;\) A bunch of Handbook cameos was more engaging.

07 Instead of a Spider-Sense, Lin has a Nature-sense which may or may be handled evenly by writers. Uhm, how IS M and DOA cloaking themselves?

08 More 'bringing up baby' soap opera dialogue. Is Jono going to be to single mom Jubes like Porcupine is to single mom Spider-Woman? Is Shogo ignoring the Sliding Timescale or is he just BIG child?

09-10 Jubes and Jono 'joanie loves chachi' soap opera dialogue.

11-12 Bling and Paige 'school is better than superheroing' soap opera dialogue.

13 More 'gay menage a trois' soap opera dialogue. And Lin Nature-senses Trev's crush on her too.

14 Enter: Visible Ghosts! (Kinda oxymoronic.) Finally, something to see! (Kinda punny.) The question is not "Why are there so many" it's "Why are there ANY"?

15-16 Now, it should be "Why are there so many? Why are they speaking Korean? Why do they not recognize them as fellow students? Why did Trev carry Shogo right in the middle of the strange pack? Why did the team suddenly conclude that they were the ones out of sync (based on the visuals shown readers - and soon we learn the other X-students were too)? Why is it obvious to them that this would be the work/ability of Monet?" Hardly on the edge of my seat for answers, though.

17-20 Worst. Panic Room Scenario. Ever. Monemplate waltzes in with a team-buster 'tude to do whatever hidden agenda she has, while selectively doing seeming superficial chi-sucking harm. DOA is PROBABLY off firing a gun that make those "BANG" f/x. X-Students scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off.

Did so much of these specific soap opera dialogues try your patience any? Sidebar: Is this book threatened by poor sales cancellation?

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