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Subj: Wow...Generation X #86
Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 at 08:59:09 pm EST (Viewed 307 times)

It's a shame that this has been cancelled because it's really picked up after a somewhat bland and slow start with alot to love for long time x-fans (the Jubilee/Jono flirtation, Paige's as the team's psychologist, and M-Plate). But it finally did something x-fans have been complaining about for years. Jubilee isn't a vampire anymore and she has her powers back, but the phoenix and Quire did it.

M-Plate had thrown Jubilee out of a window and snatched her sun-protection necklace and she was burning in the sun. Quire who still had a remaining piece of the Phoenix from his adventure with Thor, used it make her a normal mutant again to fight off M-Plate (after earlier Jubilee told him he could come back to the school, but only if he made the mansion his home and let the X-Men be his family).