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Subj: X-Men Red #1: THAT's why?!
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 04:33:20 pm EST (Viewed 329 times)

THAT's why they're called "RED"? For a forced last page gimmick pun?


And continuing from that with the rest of the PBP...

Title Page: Not including Gentle and Trinary makes NO SENSE. It's like a diss, really.

08 UGH. Lazy flashback timestamping. How many months after Phoenix Resurrection? Why no mention of said mini? The art... questionable for the rest of the ish. They can detail some squiggly lines but can't even throw in some cool or creative actual street name?

09 Ugly baby - well, at least by anatomical comparison to Toby's look pages later. On the plus side, throwaway Booch gets named too. THE BABY'S A SCREEEAMER!!!

10 Seriously. THAT's a FULL page? Well, at least we can wonder how Toby compares to Syrin or Sean as we watch a car spin.

11 The WolverineS just HAPPEN to be there or Jean called them in before a crisis new mutant powers generate a crisis - similarly unclear as when the heroes show up in the preview pages scenario. Prooobably baby was detected early by Cerebro - so a little less confusing than the earlier 'Searebro' arrival?

12 Okay, THAT's got to be Syrin and Banshee equivalent showing.

13 Jean and Kurt show up for your random/standard first encounter with a new mutant scenario. Apparently they only need 2 (unless it's 4)... uhh, cuz it's only a baby? Okay, and if Jean gave a heads up call to Laura then she should've had 'em bring earplugs.

14 Impressive and sweet showing for Jean.

15 The X-men offer the mom reasonable stat solutions.

16 Lydia Nance was kind of interesting as the anti-mutant face and this Harold Nobody seems uninspired with his intro. What's worse, with all the solutions Jean TP'ed for Toby - why the heck did she not just wipe the memory of the baby from the few people that could have possibly seen her. Bah. Sooo, readers will have to deal with another book with another take on handling TP to suit the writer's tastes. Pet peeve randomness is sure to follow with the book lead being a telepath...

17 What do we think of Jean's showing here? She's pulling a Superman or high-end showing of DD as they can read the simultaneous minds across great distances on a whim. It's not even clear what or why she's doing it here.

18 Welcome use of global locales since Jean is trying to 'heal the world' of it's mutant problems. Neat BP inclusion.

19 The story gives us 2 missing months and now throws us right into the middle of her post-Resurrection and reborn-motivation. Seems a bit lazy to assume readers can presume why this is such a logical step in her unrevealed quest. Jean doesn't even know what to do next - or is she fishing for better ways to go about unsaid idea? Sooo, all these pro-mutant world laureate agreed to gather for a group mind meld to a known Omega Telepath or unknown one - either way is forced plot device rush??

20-21 Greeeat. It's a BEAUTIFUL idea and plan - at least according to Kurt. She tells him but not readers! And not Kitty or X-mentors?

22-23 She's recruiting Atlantis more than just Namor. She needs a country behind her to turn wheels at the U.N. Hmm... Magneto failed at that and Xavier/Scott/Kitty didn't even try that route. Just saying. Plus, her trip underwater is a notable power showing. Empty Namor inclusion.

24-25 Addressing the U.N. It's been done before. But it's a bearable 2 pages and Jean neatly wins at her gambit of political meandering this ish. Oddly, she essentially threatens them all with mind manipulation to prove her point. Her big win? She basically just wants everyone to start liking mutants again. Hmmph. THAT's her big win?

26-28 EEP! Worst. Backfire. Ever. Her first attempt to make a mutant ally is to grossly blow up the -literal- head of a U.K. Ambassador in broad daylight! [Come to think of it Carnelia suffered a similar atrocity years ago with IM.] Now, the series starts...

29 THAT's why there's a team. To act as Jean's protector as she continues her untold Heal The World mission statement?

30. CRAP! The (sadly inevitable) Return of another despicable and disliked X-men arch-enemy: Cassandra! Which reminds me of another failing of this premiere - the chronological neglect to note the Return of Xavier over in Astonishing book. Well, at least the bland cover makes more sense as it was clearly all about selling Jean and her return to readers. Unfortunately, not buying it yet.

What reactions did YOU have?

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