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Subj: Empath Was A Rapist? Is He The Only One?
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 08:33:58 pm EST (Viewed 287 times)

I was surprised to come across this character, as I was looking some stuff up about him (I was introduced to him after Decimation.), and it says that he was a rapist in his early appearances. I've never read the original Hellions storylines (I do have the issues where they get killed off by Fitzroy, though.) so I don't know much about how his character was, but I do remember Magma comforting him after he was blinded by Pixie. And upon researching the two of them, they were in a relationship. Um, if Empath was a sexual sadist, why did Amara gravitate towards him? I'm not sure if that makes sense for the character. Also, did he ever get his sight back? Has he been seen since Secret Wars? He sounds like such a strange character. Thanks.