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Subj: Extermination #2: 0-Day...
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 at 09:31:58 am EDT (Viewed 448 times)

New Mutants, Blue, X-23, Hunt for Wolverine, X-verse's DP, mutants in Runaways... so much happening this week! Now, let's react to 0-DAY reactions for this book...

Extermination 002 (of 5)

    Extermination #2 storytime Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)18:42:27 No.102650146
    Last time, Cable killed Cable. Today, Cable might kill Cable again.

Didn't happen. Mostly the same as premiere and yet it was entertaining enough. Waiting half a decade to wipe out the O5 adds to the excitement.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)18:45:46 No.102650202
    Why is Teen Jean so sexy, bros?

To each his own. It was sweet with Cyke here.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)18:54:24 No.102650321
    wtf spelling is that

Welcome continuity nod to X-Red. Speaking of continuity... Calvin Rankin?! WEHT him before this? Something decades ago, he came back to life after his death in Hulk, right?

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)18:55:14 No.102650335
    OMG Twink Cable is based


    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)18:57:41 No.102650359
    >issue #5 cover
    Could it be him?

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)19:01:37 No.102650400

Morbid and baffling change from Bobby's capture. He's ironically using Apoc's methods! BV-wings are THAT easy to remove? It's prob harder to remove Young Iceman's upgrades? Maybe he mindmushed him to remove his iceclones upgrade?

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)19:34:36 No.102650867
    It's not. The miniseries is meant to retire the O5, not to bring anyone back, specially not him. Maybe in Uncanny.
    And it's becoming obvious what's happening here: a threat in two fronts (Cable snatching the O5 and willing to kill if necessary) and Ahab with his Hounds relentlessly going after them too will eventually make it necessary for them to willingly surrender to Cable to prevent further attacks and consequences. All the current conflict will be solved by them saying "you guys must go."


    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)19:42:38 No.102650980
    Yeah, meanwhile Cable is resetting them to factory settings so they can send them back smoothly. Though this'll also mean forcing Bobby back into the closet. I wonder how he'll get Angel's regular wings to grow back though.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:01:54 No.102651283
    Old Cable will be back?

Hope not.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:11:17 No.102651404

My question is who is that cute little french mutant caring for OML's hand?

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:17:33 No.102651502
    oh ok. how does our cable not know that his past self already did this stuff, or did he know, and just let his young self kill his old self? or is this a young cable, but from another seperate more different timeline?

Ahh, timetravel tales... A good bit was actually and pertinently footnoting that time Present Cyke disappeared when Past Cyke died for a minute.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:26:49 No.102651641
    Cable's timeline isn't really a Point A -> Point B kinda deal. Consider this, the O5 being in the present only happened because of tampering with the timeline which shouldn't have necessarily happened. So a younger Cable from a different point in the timeline would have found out about the O5 being brought to the present while "our" Cable didn't know when he was that same age because it hadn't happened in the timelines he was jumping to.

    Cable is untethered to the timeline which is how he can jump around it all willy nilly.

    A page from Ewing's Ultimates says it better, but basically, the "past" and the "future" are fluid. The past changes (which we perceive as retcons or the sliding timescale) and any timeline has a bunch of "potential" futures that only get cemented as the timeline shifts forward from the "present" perspective. But then, because the past changes as well, the "present" present can change once it becomes the "past" present. There is no "set" timeline of events, so people like Cable or Kang who are essentially untethered from the flow of time can jump around. So this Young Cable came about because Cable at that age found out about the O5 while Cable at that age wouldn't have originally known about the O5 because they happened in a "potential future" which hadn't coalesced yet. The "present" we are in now was just one of many "potential" futures from Cable's perspective at the time, a future he might not have even been aware of.

    It's also why bringing Cable back to life is trivial because Cable from earlier in his timeline can just find out that he died at a certain point in a certain timeline and just... not go there. Bam, Cable is back.

Hmm... What's XMB think about this...

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:42:15 No.102651892
    >OML about to let loose
    Holy $#!&, Ahab and hounds are unbelievably fucked.

Yeah, that was a very effectively exciting image to end the ish. (Not a fan of unkillable Ahab either.)

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:56:59 No.102652147
    Thats just mean, OML already killed all his friends once. Not like this...

Uh oh. (Though obviously it won't come to that.)

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)20:59:09 No.102652177
    >This happening
    >End of Old Man Logan announced
    Ruh roh...

Ahh, might hafta check out last week's need-to-go-home ish afterall.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)22:00:52 No.102653235
    >O5 gonna get back to the past
    >Never had Emma or resurrected Jean preying on Youngclops
    Such wasted opportunities

Naw, just rip off the bandage.

    Anonymous 08/29/18(Wed)23:14:22 No.102654389
    > all x-men assembled
    > strongest gathering in years
    > hurrr let's split up
    kitty is an idiot and THE worst leader in x-history and it's not even close

Disagree, this example was a good call. Cautious and offered creatively contained quartet of adventures. Of course, it didn't go that way.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)00:02:54 No.102655202
    So what this really is, is bendis damage control because his ideas suck.

Old news regarding O5.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)00:21:39 No.102655481
    Wait a minute, is Teen Jean's new costume showing off her midriff?

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)00:27:03 No.102655553
    So what exactly is this OML's deal and how does one become a hound?

Ahab's control. My question is 'how' do Rachel's hound marks return simply in his presence?

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)00:39:34 No.102655721
    Older knew what younger Cable was trying to do, tried to stop him but failed and got killed.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)00:41:59 No.102655759
    Marvel is in full Bendis damage control right now. The only stuff that's left from him is Jessica Jones (even though it's digital only) and his Guardians, and that last one is more because the stupid company refuses to let go of the synergized appeal.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)00:42:34 No.102655765
    But the damage control is giving birth to even worse ideas.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)01:01:28 No.102656055
    Did they really invite Boom Boom to a serious meeting?

Heh. Kitty has more sway than Karma. ;\)

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)01:03:33 No.102656088
    Prepare to see Tabitha a lot more. We're about to hit the era where writers grew up reading X-Force, meaning she's their waifu.

Will she have more say than "Brit" Betsy? ;\)

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)01:03:35 No.102656089
    How do you find a "psychic void" in an empty forest?

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)01:07:50 No.102656156
    Why did does this guy make Rachel job so pathetically?

Typical opening act of any Hollywood action movie. Plus, she was recently mentally compromised.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)01:12:02 No.102656225
    >Though this'll also mean forcing Bobby back into the closet.
    That sounds hilarious. You think it will involve a lot of prayer and electroshock treatments?

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)01:16:15 No.102656300
    >>Boom Boom
    Well, Glob's there too, so I guess they'll invite anyone.

Heh. On one hand it was weird to see the gimmick gathering with recent Kitty meetings only including senior staff to confab for dire situations.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)02:17:59 No.102657044
    Wasn't it Kitty's idea to plant the mansion in the middle of Central Park? That is just begging for huge civilian casualties.

Another bad call.

    Anonymous 08/30/18(Thu)07:06:11 No.102658963
    Marte Gracia got really lazy recently or maybe it's just the schedule

Naw, liked this coloring effort.


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