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Subj: Uncanny X-Men #13: Good job, X-men. Some not so good.
Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 at 06:24:31 pm CST (Viewed 228 times)

Uncanny X-Men 013

Some satisfactory stuff. Some not. The art was good.


Up and running, right away. That's good and right, how they don't skip a beat. Good cover - however totally laughable that Scott's using holo-files while in the story the best tech he's got is pencil and paper.


This list of uncreatively recyclable bad teams is a recurring problem with the X-books. Are NONE of these groups shut down at this time by Scott's POV? Sheesh. [sarcasm] Good job, X-men.[/sarcasm]

Oooooh, that's DARK Beast on the cover. Still alive, eh. Damn. Hence he made the Threat List.

Why is Magneto, Apocalypse, Omega Red, and Legion on the Threat List? Scott knows they're gone, right?

Why are The New Mutants on the list and if a "good-team" is on the Threat List to be dealt with then why not Kid Cable's X-Force or Emma's Hellfire Club? Six-Eyes Girl is M.I.A. already and a noted story point. Maybe she should be on the list too since the X-men lost her. Sheesh. [sarcasm] Good job, X-men.[/sarcasm]

Posters at XMB will tell me which of the teams should not be there. Obviously Weapon X-Force was properly left off the list.

Why is The Savage Land there?

Scott thinks Krakoa and Vulcan is still alive? Huh.

Should Warlock be on the list? Callahan and O*N*E*?

Who else is Scott clearly missing on his X-Centric list??


They're chaining the supervillain in a basement?! Sheesh. [sarcasm] Good job, X-men.[/sarcasm] On the plus side, the team is 1 for 1 after 1 mission to deal with the Threat List.


a.k.a. the anti-mutant vaccine is mentioned but sadly not explored. It's the more interesting storyline over the bad team hunts du jour, ATM.


So. Karma and Moonstar transmode condition was not examined at all. \:\( It appears their abilities are unchanged (well, Dani's for sure) - is that how transmode works?

So. The dupes out there and Jaime's personal life is not examined at all. \:\( It appears a dupe can die a religious experience - so last issue Logan killed Strong Guy (not addressed) and this ish Havok killed a Jaime Dupe. Sheesh. [sarcasm] Good job, X-men.[/sarcasm] Of course to spare the dupe pain and Alex the moral conundrum Jaime absorbed the dupe in death and can't bring him back - is that how duping works?

So. Dark Beast WAS dead but was brought back to life with more powers than he had before. Now he's more unkillable than before. Damn.

So. Magik came up with a new trick. She apparently channelled the supervillain Spot and threw her Soulsword somehow thru time and space to stab DB in the back. Non-lethally pierces DB with it - didn't even knock him out like a psi-sword strike. Then Jaime picks it up, and it works for him, and he tries to lethally stab with it. Huh - is that how Magik works?

Remind me how Alex got his face fixed?


Looks like it'll be the MLF. Remind me what was their last storyline? The book nails the shock value with the cliffhanger having Hope and Banshee on their team. Of course it also nails the WTH?! factor, too.

YOUR take on this 'reorganization':


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