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Subj: Mr & Mrs X #9: Reasoned Rogue retrospective...
Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 at 10:33:35 pm CDT (Viewed 229 times)

Mr & Mrs X 009

A reasoned Rogue retrospective really was what this ish was all about. This was for longtime Rogue fans to explain Rogue's unique power and curse in as simple a way as possible. It took Daredevil near (ad nauseum) a year of issues to figure out that FEAR was his constant enemy; where here, it took Rogue ONE issue only (whew) by recalling memories of the key points (of power) in her life. A nice nod to all those backissues read and collected and the simple moral of the neverending story: Be Brave to Be Best. Now, Anna Marie can be back in control as long as she's not afraid - or until another writer comes along with a different epiphany. It wasn't groundbreaking but it was nicely put. Next issue we'll see what kinda kickass karma Rogue will be able to deliver, now. Ideally, she should be normal human levels until she absorbs powers at which time her levels will be proportionate to source and last proportionate to contact time. This is how she was for a short time after she lost the ability to keep Carol's essence because she was afraid to lose it.

[EDIT: Hmm... Was this "quickfix" interpretation somewhat retcon-insulting to the decades of X-Counselling skills by Prof.X and his telepathic successors?]

The only thing missing was giving us Anna Marie's last name! \:\( C'mon, House of Ideas! Footnotes to permanently released Simon's power and the Hecatomb's power would've been nice too.

Other than that: mindless action, whatever; Mojoworld revolution, whatever; better than those two story elements were the two separate quote Spiral delivers in the 2nd last and last panels of the story \:\) And speaking of Lady Six Arms, Spiral's treasure may be her very own baby girl! It wouldn't be too suprising considering that's the MU thing for awhile now, all the old characters are doin' it, they're spittin' out offspring without readers being told! *koff* Xandra *koff*

Nice cover.

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