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Subj: X-Force #7: Somebody else critique this.
Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 at 07:21:48 pm EDT (Viewed 484 times)

X-Force 007

Somebody will have to spoonfeed me a critique if this was any good?

And was there defendable continuity and cohesive storylogic?

How 'bout:

Kid Cable, the human "TRANSFORMER"?

Stryfe, the "REAL McCOY"?

Rachel, the brainsponged, saintly "MOTHER ASKANI(!)"?

Clan Chosen, the bargaining chips?

Clan Askani, the sheep to the slaughter?

MLA, the generic but lethal nobody specials?

Deathlok, the temporal deusexmachina? (Actually, it really pleases me that it took him a month to get an untested prototype working for a one-charge deal only. IT SHOULD BE THIS HARD to Time Travel for the most part - especially if you don't want to skip over to Latveria and wheel & deal or steal Doom's platform.)

Domino, the double-timing leader?

Shatterstar, same old Shatterstar?

Cannonball, the deadbeat dad?

Warpath, the helpless romantic?

Boom Boom, the human battery charger?

This, the grabworthy but UNFAIRLY premature cover image? However this group shot by Pepe Larraz was better than any group shot inside but then again he only drew one page where Dylan Burnett drew 20 pages inside, eh? But IMO both will need much more finesse for the title to endure.


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