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Subj: Marauders #11: 18 Funerals and a Nudie Show...
Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 at 08:01:31 pm EDT (Viewed 187 times)

18 is numerical value of Hebrew word 'chai' which means 'life' and a symbolic blessing for good long life

Marauders 011

Nice cover. Very simple story. Nothing newly nauseating but hardly more than some character fluff for Emma, Ro, Lockheed, and Kurt really.

The key X-men are properly upset because the Krakloning Process hasn't worked for Kate (again) and dead appears to mean dead - even though Kurt vows to hold out hope for his friend.

What religion nod has those (Phoenix?) coins(?) covering her eyes for her burial at sea? Is Charon expected? ;\) ;\)

Everybody loves a drunken pirate with a red color scheme. Hmmph. Lots more show on cover than in-story.

Emma shown to be more upset. Felt sincere - just like when her Hellions first died. How many feel Alexis Colby(Joan Collins) would've been similarly upset if Krystle Carrington(Linda Evan) got killed? Or is there a better TV rivalry to compare with these two?

Lockheed unceremoniously made it back to the island on his own.

Lockheed has a bonding moment with Emma mourning Kitty.

Emma can mindsee through Lockheed. Hmm... All these years there could've been TP communication with him? How many missed opps there, eh? Lockheed is an intelligent alien (as per MCP) with a genuine language and this was the best way to eyewitness the killer? (Poor Lin Li is prob feeling more and more redundant if telepaths got this too, eh. If Ant-Man ever loses his helmet maybe he can give Emma a call.) Remind me if he was 'understood' when he made all those SWORD and AFSS station appearances?

Emma plans to seek justice over revenge in true Blue Bloods(Tom Selleck) fashion.

Ororo (and 2 Cuckoos) meet and talk to Delores Ramirez (introduction?) of X-Desk to make sure all mutant drug dealing on USA soil is on the up and up. Four pages of boring and dirty politics.

No mention of Storm's health problems.

Xavier circumvents procedures to allow The Five to resurrect Kate by letting her butt in line over and over. After 18, EIGHTEEN, Krakcloning fails (which prob says something to knock DoX) the island full of supermutants never get a clue what's wrong (which prob says something to knock DoX). Kurt finally inspires Emma to figure out the simple solution to the problem - ALL of Kitty's new husks were viable but she was trying to phase out and not break out of her asphyxiating coccoon... *koff* Which definitely is a knock against this instant -and banal- Guaranteed Resurrection Status Quo. Does this also mean the big mystery build of why Kate can't use the gates is just a simple phasing incompatibility? Sheesh. Well, at least her new Kraklone got rid of her finger tatts.

Kitty is successfully recycledreborn. Naked as a jay bird. Everyone gets a free show 'til apparently Xavier has an old cape of Magneto (naturally it's red) laying around and covers her ... but on the last page while plotting with Emma for justice-revenge the sober Red Queen seems good with giving an encore nudie show and starts to shuck her covering. Maybe she knows Lockheed is poised to fireball anyone who stares? Yeesh.


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