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Subj: Empyre - X-men #2: 0-DAY...
Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 at 04:32:42 pm EDT (Viewed 125 times)

None of blurbs below is me. Didn't care for this ish, still processing that last page, and can see prob why no one is starting a thread but maybe this censored 0-DAY copypasta reactions will be feedback catalyst for XMBers...

    Empyre - X-men #2 Storytime Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)11:31:30 No.116721101 Archived

    Because /co/ forgot how to storytime

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)11:41:37 No.116721254

    >/co/ forgot how to storytime
    Implying anyone cares about this plant bull$&!#.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)11:44:39 No.116721313

    Huh seems Illyana actually does still have some limitations on things she'd be willing to sack.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)11:57:00 No.116721517

    What a horrible sjw tier storyline.

    Is Angel back to Plain Angel again?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:00:10 No.116721570

    Three writers credited and yet it's obvious all of Magik's lines are coming from Leah

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:08:26 No.116721717

    these old grannies are too hard to take seriously

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:10:13 No.116721742

    Amahl Farouk, aka Shadow King, present.
    Sigh... what a BS.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:10:21 No.116721746

    There has to be a link between being psychic and being an ass#*!@

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:12:05 No.116721779

    Is that Selene? Why she would be in the orgy island as a nobody?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:22:32 No.116721905

    Did I miss something did Magik summon demons only for them to just never appear again? Then cycle between Darkchylde and soul armor form in the same page? Feels like this chapter was done by a magikfag that wanted her to show off but without actually defeating the zombies and plants.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:23:35 No.116721918

    Can Magik not just send her own portals to grab people in Krakoa?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:26:43 No.116721968

    >that ass
    I get ya old hags, I really do

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:27:25 No.116721980

    They brought back Shadow King, WTF.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:31:27 No.116722035

    >Illyana won't screw you if you're a zombie
    why unlive?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:31:37 No.116722037


    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:32:15 No.116722047

    If you had a Tiny Black Tom Cassidy on your shoulder, would you torture it?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:34:16 No.116722087

    File: intro-1522699295.jpg (46 KB, 780x438)
    46 KB

    f u and your Dark Phoenix jokes, Magik

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:43:59 No.116722230

    Hickman's been writing Illyana like this too

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:47:44 No.116722278

    Why they were using a crew of Granny Goodness clones?


    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:49:11 No.116722307

    >turn from a ever scheming "queen" to some henchmen job

    I wonder how Selene feels about Scarlet Witch stealing her big thing

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)12:55:14 No.116722397

    >Why they were using a crew of Granny Goodness clones?
    Scott, Shaw, and Emma ran into them last year in X-Men #3 when they invaded a Krakoan garden in the Savage Land through a Krakoan gate, but it looks like only the Council and those that were attacked know about it.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:00:22 No.116722482

    Shut up, Hordeculture is awesome.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:01:38 No.116722506

    >Angel being a Chad and having women fawn over him
    He really is one of the best boys

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:03:23 No.116722537

    I hate HiXMen but these women are absolutely incredible characters

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:05:31 No.116722575

    >Sing me some Neil Diamond
    >sings Sweet Caroline
    Top &^%$ing kek

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:07:44 No.116722614

    Selene and Emplate get to siphon off some of the mutant life energy that Krakoa steals from all of its inhabitants

    It's a free meal and diplomatic immunity

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:12:31 No.116722678

    >you Bloody Himbo

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:19:14 No.116722782

    PMS Magik

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:22:49 No.116722828

    Recap HiXmen:
    Utopia, only Chuck is Cyclops this time, and Moira has the groundhog day mutant powers. This time, the x-men and mutants want to succeed. Also, transhumanism - artificial evolution (AI) vs natural evolution (mutants)

    Hickman is obviously having a time of his life, and if not for covid, we would be reading X of Swords now.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:26:42 No.116722897

    in the end, AI takes over both humans and mutants and puts them in garden like adam and eve. Meanwhile they also want to join Phalanx hivemind. But then one of them goes rogue, and knowing the endgame of the AI / Sentinels, Moira knows every possible outcome there is, so she restarts here again, and here we go

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:27:28 No.116722913
    argh, now what the hell are the phalanx? those things from annihilation: conquest?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:29:05 No.116722941

    >upcoming Phalanx storyline
    yes, and no. the ones in conquest are now confirmed to be fakes. The Original Phalanx was an x-men enemy and is related to Warlock / technarchs in a way

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:30:07 No.116722960

    >upcoming Phalanx storyline
    The ultimate AI lifeform. Living integrated circuits. Technology that lives

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:31:11 No.116722985

    >upcoming Phalanx storyline
    The ones from Annihilation Conquest are like the most basic offshoots of the Phalanx

    It goes Phalanx hive-mind clusters with the intelligence of an entire galaxy condensed into a black hole > Technarchy like Magus and Warlock > Individual Phalanx that only have the intelligence of a single person

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:31:25 No.116722990

    >a Sven with wings
    Based Grannies have spoken, Angel confirmed hotter than Cyclops.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)13:33:26 No.116723023

    Oh boy time to set up the Quire kill chart

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)14:04:21 No.116723558

    Why is Magik so sexualized?

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)14:10:21 No.116723653

    god, is whole marvel comics on DRUGS?
    this is like AD2000 but without humor, critical thinking or fun

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)14:22:46 No.116723834

    Nice t-shirt, Quire.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)14:35:12 No.116724052

    File: DV3Xpp8UQAAuFM0.jpg (216 KB, 1084x1684)
    FREE photo hosting by Host Pic Org - Free Image Picture Photo Hosting

    >Magik so sexualized
    Because the Bachalo outfit is what she wore when she started to get more mainstream recognition.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)14:36:06 No.116724065

    If you kill all the telepaths then there's no one left to do the mind downloads after the Resurrection process

    Krakoa would just have a lot of empty force grown clones

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:01:12 No.116726810

    >and why is Sinister there?
    Sinister is psionic, he's got TP and TK.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:01:53 No.116726822

    I think I actually hate the X-memes now. Their plotlines feel dull and reused and they themselves are extremely annoying.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:05:24 No.116726904

    Looks like Mentallo, Mesmero, Mastermind's other daughter who is also called Mastermind, and Sage didn't bother showing up.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:07:27 No.116726954

    Jean, the Psylockes, and Cable didn't either

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:08:57 No.116726998

    nb Cap screwed over Selene's big plans in a storyline that should end like a year ago but it's still going on.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:14:21 No.116727116

    This simply doesn't sound like Magik at all,

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)17:19:45 No.116727212

    Shadow King??!! It's official, Moira and/or Xavier want Krakoa to fail. With Mojo legs??!! That's malarky.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)18:51:44 No.116729141

    This &^%$ing Xavier allows Shadow King after all he did agains him, allows Mr Sinister after all he did against Scott, Mastermind after all he did against Jean... but he doesn't allow his how step-brother only because he's human.

    &^%$ the mutants

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)20:32:59 No.116731161

    1 million mutants anon. 1 MILLION IMMORTAL ZOMBIE MUTANTS. I seriously doubt that her demon army can actually keep them all down.

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)20:38:02 No.116731250

    But we could at least see them try

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)20:40:06 No.116731283

    Wanda revived the dead a month before Empyre and just sort of left them there, I guess

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)20:41:38 No.116731308

    I mean, Illyana used to be similar to this back in the Claremont/Louise Simonson days.
    She was obsessed with meeting cute boys and making out

    Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)20:43:44 No.116731343

    Wanda appeared in Empyre: Avengers, either Marvel has no editors or there's something missing here, I genuinely doubt that she wandered off without telling anyone she revived 16 million mutant zombies.

And then the problematic absurdity and selectiveness of Demonista Yana's backup (very nice Tshirt, though)...

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