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Subj: Cable #4: Did you see that?!
Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 at 08:19:07 pm EDT (Viewed 203 times)

CABLE 004 (2020)

HATE that they've tied Weaponglutton Cable's mythos with the beloved Marvel Spaceknights and that they gave him THEIR magic sword "The Light of Galador" as character design upgrade. Dropped after #1 but had to Byrne-read this to see how everything was resolved. And now he's keeping the sword conveniently to justify the X of Swords cover blurb and the countless upcoming "sword-orgy" solicits.

It's a shame how the flashbacks trivialized the origin of ROM and his OG Spaceknights to 'simple cyborgs'.

It's disgusting that Young Nathan had to unheroically kill the original owners to keep the sword. What about "finders, keepers" or "possession in 9/10ths of the law"?? No, just nuke the b*stards?!

Can (1/5 girlfriend *bah*) Esme (and the other Cuckoos) turn to Diamond Form, too?! When did this precident last happen? And IF so, then why not more often?

Is XEREK the name of an as-yet unseen Spaceknight? Or is it the sword name of The Light of Galador (as per that distress call Infographic)?

So, just to be confusing and/or clear, Old Cable KNEW the moment he was going to be 'killed' by Kid Cable and he also thought it best to supply A NUKE to kill unwelcome aliens he must've known would be in his past timeline????

Really don't like this simplistic artstyle and flat colours. Just look at that bland family dinner table setting on Page 20. Not to mention how his "parents" Ozzie-and-Harriet casual tolerance with his murderous shenanigans.

HATE that Editors approved the planetcide of Galador and that, here, they brought straggler Galadorians back only to wipe 'em all out again.

Will anyone else, besides Emma Frost keeping their eyes on this Kid?


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