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Subj: Marauders #12: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...
Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 at 01:37:22 pm EDT (Viewed 134 times)

Where are you, Kitty Pryde? Were you in this ish...

Marauders 012 (2020)

Cover, in this instance, this grabber image would've been so much better if it was symbolic and not spoiler (what Kate literally does). Well, there was some symbolic misleading with her adding kewl shades to her ensemble for no good reason.

Textdump from Bishop, Beast and Jumbo Carnation amounted to cyber-drivel (new and unrelated DoX plotdumps to add to the umpteen others still to be expounded on in any interesting way).

The art was very pleasant in a veneer kind of way but looking closer at the lack of backgrounds and then lack of background detail for what was there. Just look at those shameful waste of effort drawing the empty wall plaques in the tatt shop. BTW, does "ITRILL" have any significance as a namedrop or maybe it was that artist's name? And is Kid Cable THAT tall now?

Storm auditioning to be a proud cult leader. Yeah, yeah, she was probably just robustly invested in celebrating this particular resurrection. Missed opp for some new/better Resurrection Protocol deets all round.

Shaw. He... was... there. That's about it for him. Naively astounded at Kitty's fake-hug. Even if he was unaware that Emma could/would mindlink with Lockheed - he was stupid to think anyone/everyone would not just tell Kitty that he is rumored -if not circumstantially and directly- to be blamed with her "murder".

Speaking of Lockheed... did he O.D. on sleeping pills? Cute enough at a glance to sleep there (albeit in an awkward and diminutized way) but not waking or unperched upon the horses long gallop?! No way.

Emma looks awesome in the hot, icy, new outfit (hopefully unexplained new uniform). Only liked how she was presented. She actually had a personality here. All the other X-men were barely line-reading their parts. Well, except Kate - who was just degrading further into this new unrecognizable and unheroic character that DoX is giving us...

And then there's Kitty... or Kate... or whoever this interpretation is, ugh:
• it's bad enough there was little explanation of why Kate wanted Lock's psi-recap of her death, who seemed to be sleeping on her shoulders then during the preamble to her demise. Yeah, long time readers know her last memory backup wouldn't have covered that but it was necessary for me STOP and to reread #6 before reading on. And newer/occasional readers may not have caught on from a sole post-death flashback panel of Lock floating or understand why Kate's vengeful ire if she doesn't emotionally re-experience her personal pain from this detached recap. Does she feel Lock's fire, here, or is the psic-recap only a visual?
• how superficial is her pirate life if she doesn't recognize even one face of the many mutant kids she has rescued on her ship after the past (few months?). Embarrassing she never shared a personal moment with any of her rescued fellow mutants.
• another Marvel mystery whisper saved to be told another day?! ARGH. Ridiculous not to share with readers the lengths she is will to go to revenge on Shaw. So, really readers realize nothing about her Krakloned mindset. Or are we forced to appreciate from her new tatts du jour that she's now an ambiguous "Frankie Castle" - which seems so unlikely and insulting as a longtime followerer. Plus, Emma's laugh suggests it's NOT just some execution style premeditated murder with some bullet to the head. Unless she's laughing 'cuz it'll be a "Space Bullet". ;\)
• and WTH did that "...AH, NEVER MIND" ambiguous panel mean?? TOO ambiguous a storytelling tease, imo.
• *sigh*, Kate has a lasting obsession with knuckle tattoos (and the pirate fetish thing, of course).
• *koff*, Kate now evidentally has a thing for ostentatiously, or more likely lovingly, kissing girls.
• *argh*, and after all that you will realize this whole empty-ish reunion ish that readers cannot even be told (only teased in the Recap Page) any clues or significance between this body and her pre-death body not being able to pass thru a Krakoan gate.

Did YOU see Kitty in this or just some weak shade of her? ...waitaminnit, "SHADE" as in her glasses on the cover? ...*koff*, NO. That's a silly stretch (and punchline) to this hopefully less silly review.


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