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Grey Gargoyle

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I often change my mind on the topic but, currently, that would be:

(1) The Sentinels

(2) The Brotherhood

(3) The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club

(4) Apocalypse

(5) Juggernaut

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The Black Guardian 


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1. Apocalypse

2. Mr. Sinister

3. Sentinels

4. Brotherhood

5. Hellfire Club

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Grey Gargoyle

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    2. Mr. Sinister

Thank you very much for your answer.

I hesitated a lot about the case of Mister Sinister.

To tell the truth, I didn't include Mister Sinister in my own ranking because I don't appreciate the character all that much
(... but I don't really hate it either).

It is totally subjective but I think that the character was weakly conceived even though he is one of the main villains.

Chris Claremont needed someone to lead the Marauders but, in my opinion, it was rather unclear for quite some time what exactly Mister Sinister was trying to do or why he was doing it.

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1. Maddy Prior as Red Queen and her sisterhood.

2. Sinister and the Marauders

3. Apocalypse

4. Selene

5. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

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