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Subj: Immortal X-Men #2: Hope Springs Eternal...
Posted: Sat May 21, 2022 at 06:20:11 am EDT (Viewed 119 times)

Immortal X-Men 002 (2022)

❌ Mr. Sinister has an incredible (prepped) battle-of-giants showing. Could he single handedly take out a towering Sentinel or monstrous Deviant better than a full grown Goliath? Meanwhile, Exitting Magneto and Commuting Storm almost seemed to be toying with the ginormous threat in everyone else's eyes.

❌ The new "metal" Mysterium started out as rare as Adamantium in its early days. Now, Adamantium is commonplace if a story needs it. And here, some Krakoan has already fashioned a magic bullet out of Mysterium that was laying around. This precidence also suggests that Magik or Dr.Strange could easily be made dead instantly with the stuff.

❌ Cronenbergian Kaiju was destroyed so to is the only Krakoan gateway to MarsArrako? Well, for about 5 minutes, til the next writer says 'oh by the way, someone flew or ported or magicked to MarsArrako and planted a new one', right? Prob even Hope/Kurt could even bamf a seed there *sigh*. These gateways are almost as bad and story lazy as the immortal cloning.

And the there was Hope...

❌ Hope is better than Jesus... in the eyes of Exodus. AND this has ENDEARED her to HIM? Do YOU want them to hook up?

❌ Hope (after Synch, after Rogue)... why be a fan of other single X-men with merely one power (& secondary mutation *koff*) when you can have a team member with ALL the powers ALL the time. Do YOU think she will add to this book?

❌ Hope is part of a clever way to take out Selene but the problematic precidence for prob 100% success rate at interrogating prob any Krakoan of any secret. Omega Level Mutant synergy circuit with Exodus (who apparently has TP along with TK now).

❌ "Hope" my new banner submission (from last issue cover) might be considered. ;\)


❌ Hope, Exodus, Sinister, Magneto, Storm, Destiny, Nemesis, Krakoa, and a Mysterium arsenal. We'll just have to judge how palatable any deviation of all this will be presented against the Extraordinary Eternals in the subsequent AXE Event.


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