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> Iron Man: Tony Stark is the #1 slut of the Avengers, with a list that includes no less than Sunset Bain, Meredith McCall(?), Madame Masque, Marriane Rodgers, Bethany Cabe, Kathy Dare, Veronica Benning, Black Widow, Mantis (still want that to be the Space Phantom?, Pepper Potts (Heroes Reborn version), Countess De La Spiroza, Calista Hancock and Rumiko Fujikawa. Plus Wasp and Tigra are speculated, but unconfirmed, too. (12+, and that's a conservative guess)

Maria Hill (this month).
And cute CW banner found: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v345/iainburnside/CivilWarStark.jpg
And theres Teri (what issue is this?):

Well, the dialogue seems to imply that maybe Tony spent the night on the couch...but I agree it is more likely that they slept together and then he moved to the couch when he woke up.

> What about Rae La Coste and Indries Moomji?
Good bets including Janice Cord whom he was engaged to.

Yeah, I'd say Janice Cord is a safe bet.

> Captain America: Cap impregnated Sharon Carter before his death.
>>Add 'possibly.'? Faust or Skull couldve 'arranged' that fertilization.

Not likely--as I recall, the Skull was surprised to learn she was pregnant. In any case, Steve and Sharon definately slept together.

>>Was Captain America #16 their first?

That was the first time it was explicit on-panel, but it had been implied long before.

> Scarlet Witch: Vision, and Wonder Man.
Clint, as said in this thread but possibly add 'possibly' since it could have been an illusion or simulcrum?

Until we find out otherwise, we're operating on the assumption it was Wanda. But I am hoping we'll eventually get some more context to that encounter.

> Black Knight: Possibly Sersi, but there's no strong evidence either way. Didn't get anywhere with Crystal, and you just know he went home alone from Hercules' toga-party, too. Lots of speculation on the late Victoria Bentley, too. \(\?\)
>>Faiza is around the corner.

Certainly a possibility...although Faiza may be a wait-for-marriage situation...

> Black Widow: Red Guardian II*, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Iron Man, and some guy in her Marvel Fanfare story (Michael Corcoran.) Hercules is also speculated. (5+)
>>If you want speculated men, maybe: MI6 Sims from Cap 46.

Seems possible.

> Mantis: Swordsman, Vision, That, and she was working as a hooker when Swordsman met her. (LOTS)
>>Vision? When?

The CELESTIAL QUEST miniseries a few years ago.

> Sub-Mariner: Dorma (maybe not—she was killed before their wedding), Marrina, being Namor's wife's a death-sentence. And then there's Llyra, while she was disguised as the Invisible Woman, and "some pirate woman from a Marvel Fanfare issue". Possibly Betty Prentiss? (4+)
>>And another possibly 'cuz' of this: http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh78/ColonelGreen/scan0016-6.jpg

Possible...but her being attracted to him doesn't necessarily mean they've slept together.

> Mr Fantastic: (1)
>>Ex-girlfriend Alyssa Castle?

Is Castle her married name? She used to be Alyssa Moy back in Claremont's run. Anyway, yeah, she is a possibility. I don't think I've seen any evidence either way.

> Machine Man: Anatomically incorrect and proud of it (0)
>>Though he IS trying to make the moves on Jocasta in MZ3.

Yeah, the new Aaron Stack personality from Nextwave seems to have more sexual interest than the old Machine Man.

> Deathcry: Outside chance of Hercules \(\?\)
>>Hope not. Felt he took a more big brothery interest.

Shortly before Deathcry left the group the relationship between the two of them started to change a bit, and there was some sexual tension building between them. When Deathcry dropped Herc back on Earth in the HERC/HULK one-shot, she had her arms around him in a couple-y way...but we don't know for sure what did or didn't happen between them.

> Luke Cage: Married to Jessica Jones. She-Hulk, Tigra, Jessica Drew, Harmony. Possibly Dr. Claire Temple.
Detested the Alias retcon. Hoping at least some of the mentioned superheroines will reveal it was heresy that Cage was just been too 'cool' to deny.

We know the She-Hulk one at least is valid, since the two of them started dating in H4H. And given Tigra's aggressive sex drive, the idea of her sleeping with Luke doesn't surprise me much.

> Despite speculation and the cravings of the worst elements of fandom, Wolverine hasn't slept with Jean Grey and/or The Phoenix.
>>Atsuko: http://www.comicboards.com/app/show.php?rpy=wolverine-2008030819410600
>>Seraph: http://www.comicboards.com/app/show.php?rpy=wolverine-2007072422194300


> Dr. Strange:
>>Some girl named Clea. Skrull-NightNurse.

SKrull-Night Nurse?? When was she replaced with a Skrull?

>>No idea but Victoria Bentley and Morgana Blessing have been linked to him.

Victoria was in love with him, but I think it was unrequited. I'm not sure who Morgana Blessing is.
Strange also had a brief relationship with Dead Girl of X-Statix, but they never had time to sleep together.

>>DO Komodo and Hardball count?

Nope, not until they actually join an Avengers team.

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