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Subj: Sorry if I post doubles, don't have time to go through all the threads
Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 at 12:56:00 pm EST (Viewed 369 times)
Reply Subj: Its time again for Century's favourite thread--the Avengers Sex List!
Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 at 12:18:21 am EST (Viewed 2011 times)

    Well, we're about a week late for Valentine's Day, but I figured we're due for our semi-annual update to the list, especially in light of all the additions to the Avengers roster in the past year or two.

    Just a reminder of the ground rules--we're compiling a list of all established sex partners of the various Avengers members...which means there should be some on-panel evidence of a sexual relationship. When possible, try to include an issue # for reference, or an example of the evidence to support them being on the list.

    To get us started, I'll repost the list as it stood from our last update session:

    Avengers Sex List

    Compiled by Century

    Hulk/Bruce Banner: Angela Lipscome (or whatever her name was from the Jenkins run, she was Banner's college girlfriend), Betty Banner, Mrs Abomination, Nadia Blonsky and Rick Jones' future wife Marlo, too, during the "Mr Fixit" days (during which Hulk was quite the banned word). Hulkie was also raped by one of the Maestro's harem-girls while immobilised, too. Jarella's also been suggested, but I've seen that heavily disputed before. X-foe Selene is also speculated. (LOTS)
    Nightmare has claimed that some events from Hulk's recent past were false, so maybe not Nadia?

    Umar raped Hulk in Keith Giffen's Defenders mini-series, and he impregnated Caiera as well in Planet Hulk.

    Iron Man: Tony Stark is the #1 slut of the Avengers, with a list that includes no less than Sunset Bain, Meredith McCall(?), Madame Masque, Marriane Rodgers, Bethany Cabe, Kathy Dare, Veronica Benning, Black Widow, Mantis (still want that to be the Space Phantom?, Pepper Potts (Heroes Reborn version), Countess De La Spiroza, Calista Hancock and Rumiko Fujikawa. Plus Wasp and Tigra are speculated, but unconfirmed, too. (12+, and that's a conservative guess)
    What about Rae La Coste and Indries Moomji?

    Add She-Hulk to that list; I forget which volume of Dan Slott's She-Hulk run it was in.

    Captain America: Peggy Carter, Betsy Ross/Golden Girl, Bernie Rosenthal, Connie Ferarri and even Blind Al from Deadpool have all been speculated, but none confirmed. Cap slept with an LMD of Diamondback in Kirkman's run, which also implied that Cap had slept with the real Diamondback as well. Cap impregnated Sharon Carter before his death.

    Cap thought he had slept with Scarlet Witch in Captain America/Falcon, but I can't remember how that was resolved (when he saw Wanda later she denied the whole thing)

    Hawkeye: Eden, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Maryanne Sherbrook, Wasp and possibly Moonstone (Songbird's accused her of sleeping with him, and she didn't deny it), Shelia Danning and Marcella Carson are all possibilities as well. (evidence, anyone?) Shelia is probable, since she was hired to seduce Hawkeye as a distraction, and he seemed to have fallen very hard for her. (3+?)

    Scarlet Witch in an abominable issue of New Avengers.

    Scarlet Witch: Vision, and Wonder Man.

    Possibly Captain America.

    Hercules: In ancient times, he had a wife and was cheating on her (as in the Hulk: Hercules Unleashed one-shot). In modern times, Herc seemed more one for the nameless groupies, and being a general slut, once even throwing a toga-party at the mansion. There are claims about him and Black Widow, but I've yet to see proof. There's also an outside chance of Deathcry. (LOTS)

    He raped Hippolyta back in the olden days (in JLA/Avengers he pretty much confirms it when Wonder Woman calls him out on it).

    Black Widow: Red Guardian II*, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Iron Man, and some guy in her Marvel Fanfare story (Michael Corcoran.) Hercules is also speculated. (5+)

    Captain Bucky is her current bed buddy.

    She-Hulk: Starfox, Cage*, Wyatt Wingfoot , Zapper Ridge, Mika, John Jameson (unidentified in FF:Foes, but Slott says its John. Also established in She-Hulk vol.2 #2); various one-night stands. (5 +) She has apparently slept with Daredevil in HoM.

    Tony Starks is on this list, and depending on what you believe she may or may not have slept with Juggernaut (Slott retconned it but I thought I read a retcon of the retcon somewhere)

    Starfox: She-Hulk, Heater Delight and legions of alien women, because he's a professional slut (LOTS). Demonika, presumably.

    Really I think he bumps Tony to #2.

    Spider-Man: Mary-Jane, and possibly the Black Cat (she claims so, anyway) (1-2).

    I believe I've read that it's been speculated he had also slept with Gwen Stacy.

    Masque: No-one we know of \(\?\)

    Not with Tony?

    Wolverine: It's probably easier to ask "Who hasn't Logan slept with?" Definites include Mystique, Tiger Tyger, Domino, The Native, some un-named woman from the Wolverine/Cable one-shot, and someone-whose-name-I-forget from the second Wolverine/Punisher miniseries, un-named mother of his un-named child from the Savage Land". Flex from Alpha Flight was supposed to be his son as well, but they never got around to actually saying so in the comics. The full list would likely surpass Tony Stark and steal his title as the Easiest Avenger. (6+, at a very conservative guess)

    Possibly Mariko, Viper, Silver Fox, Warbird and Storm? Despite speculation and the cravings of the worst elements of fandom, Wolverine hasn't slept with Jean Grey and/or The Phoenix.

    Yet in the latest New Avengers preview Spider-Man blurts out, in response to Wolverine saying he has a kid, "You've had sex?"

    Iron Fist:
    Misty Knight for sure.

    Dr. Strange:

    New Captain America/Bucky:
    Black Widow confirmed.

    Iron Patriot:
    Harry's mother. I refuse to acknowledge the Gwen Stacy thing.

    Possibly Hawkeye.


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