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    He's an Eternal. As most probably know, they don't die that easily. And Neil Gaimann recently revealed in his mini, that they have a Celestial-created machine, connected to the Earth, that can "respawn" them, if there is actually some force that could dissipate their psi-cosmically controlled atoms.

Youre right, and IIRC tht machine was destroyed when last seen whatever that means to them.

    I have to admit, that I haven't read Simonsons Avengers, but reading up online about it, that he was brought low in one of his stories, by a giant version of a Lava-man(?!) seems rather stupid.

Missed that 'death' issue too. Byrne, right?

    Many other instances has showed that nothing short of total molecular dissipation can kill them. So Gilgamesh nearly dying from a few burn-wounds, doesn't quite float my boat.

    Hmm.. I just started reading more online, and apparently that WASN'T what killed him... He, surprise, surprise, "died" in the Crossing. Trough some sort of... chronal energy-infection?? Apparently Immortus/Kang was involved.

Here's some links that SpikeyIceman might find helpful from the now defunct last volume...

Eternals #2

Eternals #4

Eternals #6

I miss Dan.

Hey, thanks for the links and pics. I guess with the evidence you've presented we can change Gilgamesh's status to "forgotten" ;\) as opposed to deceased.