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New Bendis interview up at Newsarama.com

While he didn't say who was going to be a Revenger during the 2 part annual crossover, he did mention the team is made up of former Avengers who agree with Simon and have the power to take on the current teams

SOOOOO...what classic Avengers do you think Bendis is going ruin for us oldschoolers? Heres a list of heroes NOT on a current team.

Scarlet Witch-in Limbo until Children's Crusade is done
Swordsman-dead MAYBE back after Chaos War
Hercules-Don't think he'll agree and is depowered
Moondragon-off in space somewheres
Hellcat-probable candidate
Monica Rambeau-looks like she might be on Avengers after Fear Itself
Black Panther-hasn't really worked with the Bendis teams
Starfox-Too funlovin and off in space
Black Knight-could be
Yellowjacket 2-see Swordsman
Deathcry/Lifecray-see Swordsman
Quasar-busy with Annhiliators
Namor-I could see him but he is busy elsewhere
Crystal-could see her being used BUT she's busy in Kree space
Jack of Hearts-just returned and makes sense
Firestar-nah....not in her to do this
Hulk (Banner)-yup!
She-Hulk (Walters)-nope
She-Hulk (Ross)-not an Avenger but can see her helping Simon
US Agent-could see it but he's working with Rogers and is in wheelchair
Living Lightning-nah
Human Torch (Hammond)-hmmmmmmm
Reed and Sue Richards-nah
D-Man-LOVE Dennis but Bendis treats him like a joke
Madame Web (Spider-Woman II)-maaaaybe
3D Man-meh
Silverclaw-hopefully we have seen the last of her

I'm sure I'm missing some cats but whatcha think?

Flint, your list is amazingly thorough. Well done, sir!

Based on his ties to Cap and Barnes, I don't see Falcon joining Simon.

Simon would have ties to US Agent, the second Spider-Woman, and Living Lightning from his WCA days, but US Agent is too involved in his post as the Thunderbolts warden to get involved in Avenger business (incidentally, he's an even bigger bad ass in a wheelchair!); Spider-Woman is doing Spider Island stuff; and last I understood, Living Lightning was still in college (which is why he left the Avengers West in the first place).

Stingray might be a surprise fit. . .not much has been done with the character since The Initiative ended.

Gilgamesh (the Forgotten One) would be a great fit, since he's had a pretty miserable run as an Avenger.

I can see Swordsman, Yellowjacket and Deathcry running into Simon post Chaos War, and using a second lease on life to try to "undo" whatever damage Simon believes the Avengers are doing.

But this brings me to a concern I have with the direction Simon is going: he's a second-rate inventor/Hollywood stuntman/invulnerable powerhouse, not an ideologue who gathers an army to make a stand against former teammates. I'm concerned that Bendis is taking this character into a direction that doesn't make sense, given all we've seen him do.