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    Flint, your list is amazingly thorough. Well done, sir!

    Based on his ties to Cap and Barnes, I don't see Falcon joining Simon.

    Simon would have ties to US Agent, the second Spider-Woman, and Living Lightning from his WCA days, but US Agent is too involved in his post as the Thunderbolts warden to get involved in Avenger business (incidentally, he's an even bigger bad ass in a wheelchair!); Spider-Woman is doing Spider Island stuff; and last I understood, Living Lightning was still in college (which is why he left the Avengers West in the first place).

    Stingray might be a surprise fit. . .not much has been done with the character since The Initiative ended.

    Gilgamesh (the Forgotten One) would be a great fit, since he's had a pretty miserable run as an Avenger.

Honestly I would love this idea more if it had nothing to do with Wonder Man and the Revengers were Gilgamesh's idea. Poor guy he never got any respect. The first comic I ever bought was Avengers #300 and he was my favorite Avenger. I miss him...cowhead and all \:\(

    I can see Swordsman, Yellowjacket and Deathcry running into Simon post Chaos War, and using a second lease on life to try to "undo" whatever damage Simon believes the Avengers are doing.

    But this brings me to a concern I have with the direction Simon is going: he's a second-rate inventor/Hollywood stuntman/invulnerable powerhouse, not an ideologue who gathers an army to make a stand against former teammates. I'm concerned that Bendis is taking this character into a direction that doesn't make sense, given all we've seen him do.

Not to give anything to Bendis (I hate him too) but to me Simon just doesn't really work as a character anyways. He's way too quick to make moral compromises. There is nothing about him that really stands out and maybe it's just me but the whole actor schtick always made me see him as a bit vapid.

To me on a scale of good and evil with 10 being the epitome of heroism and 1 being the epitome of villainy I would have to give Simon a 3 or a 4. He's not a great hero but he's not edgy enough to be like all the other anti-heroes and vigilantees that are fives, sixes and sevens.

(Has at least two members.)

I've always wanted him to come back and be written better. He could be the Eternal (Uh Eternal) Warrior and end up somewhere between Cap's Strategy and Ares brashness.

"Well at the Siege of Troy here's what we did..."

Plus he's hella powerful.