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    That said, Starfox definitely grew as a character as an Avenger, going from the sort of guy that joined the team as a vacation hobby to being a much more dedicated hero, chasing after Nebula. He's not a really good Avenger, and his most memorable contributions are the sort of continuity violations I tend to scream about or happened before he became an Avenger during the Thanos War, but the character's better for having been one.

What memorable moments did Starfox have during the Thanos War? He spent most of the series being captured.
Personally, I think the problem with Starfox can be traced back to a Ron Marz backup story in a Silver Surfer Annual. It implied that Starfox used his powers to seduce women against their will, and for the first time, fans started seeing him as Super-Rapist. (Previously, during Stern's arc, he said that he only used his powers on the women he dated if they gave him permission.) Regardless, I agree that no one knew what to do with him since Stern left.

    Both Wonder Man and Tigra's entire character arc was originally that they weren't good enough to be Avengers, so they're almost as bad at being low-hanging fruit as the original list.

Personally, I think that Simon and Tigra could have been decent Avengers if not for mistakes Englehart made during his WCA run. Simon for the first time turned into a jerk during the Lost-In-Time arc, and the Avengers easily forgave him. Unfortunately, this started a cycle where Simon constantly finds a new way to act like a jerk, and the Avengers always forgive him, that arguably continues to this day, depending on whether or not you think Children's Crusade takes place before or after the Revengers story.
Tigra, on the other hand, went from a young woman with understandable human weaknesses to a nymphomaniac who melted before anything in pants under Englehart's pen, and her character arguably never recovered from it- at least not until Avengers Initiative.


Starfox's connection to his brother was his memorable contribution in Thanos War, plus him, Mar-Vell, and Iron Man against Thanos's golems. Beats essentially everything he did as an Avenger. Honorable mention goes to him being the guy that narrated the mass battle in Infinity Gauntlet.

I do feel like Englehart fixed Tigra, with her cat-soul problem being removed and altered before he left the book. Unfortunately, Byrne brought it back with a vengeance, trapping Tigra in that role entirely too much. Wonder Man... well, him turning out to have blamed the embezzlement entirely on his brother, knowing better, is worse than the Space-Time stuff, other than, y'know, accidentally killing Hawkeye.